Sunday, September 9, 2018

Most veterans in Florida are over 50---but not worth mentioning?

Will Florida ever get it right on taking care of our veterans? You know, all our veterans and not just the ones groups want to limit care to.

First the rate of "post 9-11" veterans with PTSD is one out of five. One out of three would be Vietnam veterans! You know, the ones groups like this will not even mention. The ones who waited longer for the same care. Oh, well, what could they expect? After all, it isn't as if the Vietnam veterans started all the research and making sure help was there....oh, wait...they did make it all happen.

"There are more than 76,000 post-Sept. 11 veterans living in Central Florida, Rodriguez estimates, and about a third of them experience some kind of cognitive or mental-health readjustment issue when returning from deployment."
Florida has about 1.5 million veterans and most are over the age of 50! They are also the majority of the known suicides.
While this was one of the pieces of information on this article,
The majority of veterans committing suicide are over the age of 50~It must have not dawned on the reporter to ask why older veterans are not among those who deserve the same camaraderie!

Group raising $2 million to fund counseling for post-Sept. 11 veterans
Orlando Sentinel
Kate Santich
September 8, 2018

At the Camaraderie Foundation in Orlando, the calls and emails come from veterans across the nation — some suicidal, some traumatized, some haunted by their own thoughts.

“We had five more last night,” said executive director Neftali Rodriguez, shaking his head. “You can raise a million dollars to save the whales. But what about these guys? They’re in pain.”

This weekend, the foundation launches a campaign to raise $2 million by the end of next year — enough to provide free counseling to 1,000 post-Sept. 11 veterans and their families on top of the charity’s current caseload.

It’s an ambitious goal for a still-young nonprofit, which operates with a staff of six out of crowded rented office space off East Michigan Street. Started in 2009 by a local veteran and his wife, the foundation gives counseling “scholarships” to veterans struggling to readjust to civilian life — or the families struggling to help them.
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