Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Vietnam Veterans refuse to stop giving back

Charles Payne, Vietnam veteran
“A Vietnam veteran straightened me out. Survival guilt: If my buddies could come out of the grave, they’d kick my butt up between my shoulder blades for letting their deaths screw my head up. They didn’t die for that.”

Bud Huffman and Jim Muhr left the service decades ago, but have had to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder ever since. Now they hope to reach out to other local veterans struggling to avoid another such tragedy. 

Artist Roberto Gutierrez says color is in his DNA.

"I continue to seek help. I've tried the kitchen sink. I've tried hypnosis. I've tried traditional therapy. I've tried Qigong. I've tried Tai Chi. Whatever works!" 
Roberto Gutierrez

“I can tell you with certainty that I thought about killing myself more than once. And so did one of my best friends and former unit companion, Caleb Patton. It was the guys around us, who are now part of IPG, that saved us.” Hunter Garth

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