Friday, October 26, 2018

Ex-speaker of the House called VA "unnecessary"

John Boehner thinks the VA is unnecessary!

Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
September 26, 2018

Boehner calls VA 'hopeless,' says it provides 'substandard care' so the headline read. It only took a few more words for John Boehner to tell us how he really feels.
At the Cleveland Clinic's 2018 Medical Innovation Summit, Boehner called the VA "hopeless" and unnecessary, suggesting instead that veterans would receive better care from other hospital systems.
Unnecessary? Seriously? Gee why would anyone in their right mind with any kind of appreciation for our veterans say such a thing? Does he not understand that taking care of our disabled veteran was something they were promised they would receive from us?

John Boehner 8 weeks in the Navy did not make him a veteran or understand them. Now he won't even honor them with the promise we made to care for them!

"They provide substandard care to our veterans who deserve the best care," Boehner said. "If you're a real doctor, you're probably not working at the VA."
 Wonder why he would say such things? After all, it is almost as he has forgotten he is on record trying 60 times to kill off the Affordable Care Act because it was so lousy for the rest of us. You know, the same system he thinks is now better than the VA, along with treating our veterans as if they did not pre-pay for whatever care they need.

When you consider this from his bio, "Former Republican congressman John Boehner was best known as the speaker of the House, holding the position from January 2011 to October 2015," and the fact that also meant that he was in charge of what Bills were voted on, we have his to thank for what was done to our veterans by offering the "substandard" care he was referring to.

We also need to add in this, since he did not simply arrive in Congress as the Speaker.
Boehner rose to power as a Republican member of Congress in 1990, becoming one of the the youngest members of the House. Throughout his tenure, Boehner has held his ground as a staunch conservative, promoting small-government policies. He has been elected 12 times and became speaker of the House of Representatives in January 2011."

Oh, but that is not all there is to his history. 
After graduating from high school during the Vietnam War in 1968, Boehner enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Because of a bad back, he was honorably discharged after eight weeks. Boehner decided to attend college, though it took him seven years to graduate, working different jobs to pay his way through school.
Maybe he hates the VA because of that?

As for the "care" the rest of us receive, Boehner thinks would be just fine for our veterans remember this part.
Obamacare was enacted nearly seven years ago - over Republican objections - in an effort to expand coverage and give new protections for people with pre-existing health conditions and other barriers that left them without insurance. In the past few years, the House has voted more than 60 times to repeal or alter Obamacare, but Republicans had no hope a repeal would become law as long as Obama was president and could veto their bills.

Boehner opts for Obamacare over Medicare

Wonder if he ever saw this video and what the rest of us know about what Congress has not done FOR OUR VETERANS?

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