Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Someone tell the DOD and the VA Pastor got hand to grow back...for Vietnam Veteran

The following is from Patheos, an Atheist website. Normally, I'm not really interested in what I end up getting links to involving what goes against what I believe, but at least we do agree on this one! 

It is about a stunt using a "Vietnam veteran" who had his hand magically grow back.

With Awful Re-enactment, Pastor Talks About Witnessing a Missing Hand Grow Back
Recently, John Kilpatrick was a guest on the show. He may be best known to readers of this site for speaking in tongues in church in order to defeat witchcraft. It went viral because of how absurd it was.

I guess Kilpatrick wants something even more embarrassing to top his Google results since he told Roth about a time he watched a real live miracle: He saw a Vietnam veteran’s missing hand grow back during a revival.

The story is told via an incredible reenactment. Seriously, you have to watch this.

Someone needs to alert Walter Reed and the VA so they can get moving on this one and then grow back limbs of all the amputees they have...Good Lord!

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