Saturday, December 8, 2018

What is the worst thing you have ever done?

You are only human

Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
December 8, 2018

If you can forgive others, as a human, maybe it is time to think of God's capacity to forgive you.

This morning I was reading something on Camp Lejeune The Globe "Restored to fellowship with God through grace, love" by Lt. Matt Schilling Combat Logistics Battalion 26.
What is the worst thing you have ever done? Have you experienced God’s forgiveness? Or, in contrast, do you fear that God will not forgive you? I invite you to consider the example of Peter. You may remember that though he was one of the twelve disciples, he denied Jesus three times, even invoking a curse on himself and swearing that he did not know Jesus. And yet Jesus forgave him. In John 21:15-19, we read the remarkable account of how God’s great mercy was shown to Peter.

First, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?” In doing so, he graciously gave Peter the opportunity to publicly reaffirm his love for Christ, demonstrating his grief and repentance over his sin. The story reveals that though Peter sinned greatly, he was restored to fellowship with Jesus.

Jesus also gave Peter a very important task, “Tend my sheep.” Yes, Jesus entrusted the care of his followers to Peter despite his earlier failure, so great and complete is the forgiveness he bestows.

Lt. Schilling goes on to write about being forgiven for our sins. But most wonder if they can be forgiven for other things, that are not sins. Can you be forgiven for being a simple human?

Many times we do things, doing the best we can at the time, with the best intensions, only to have things turn out terribly wrong. Afterwards, we run all kinds of alternative scenarios, trying to figure out what we should have done. All fine and good when it is a thought but the brutal reality is, as a human, what we think we had the power to do, would have been physically impossible.

By the grace of God we find it easier to forgive others for what they do, or do not do. By the will of our own minds, we put up a barrier to forgiving ourselves. 

If you feel you are unworthy of being forgiven, please read about the Roman Centurion who humbled himself in front of his men asking Jesus to heal his servant.

Read about how Jesus faced someone over and over again, thinking they too were unworthy of being forgiven, but He showed them love and compassion.

Understand that what is in your core, compassion, courage and a will to serve others, is not evil. It is a gift that comes with a heavy price because the more you care about others, the more you will grieve. It is also what gives you the power to feel joy more than others. 

Know what causes you emotional pain is not because of weakness, but because of the strength of your soul. Rely on that strength, seek healing, forgive yourself and #TakeBackYourLife from PTSD. 

Here are a couple of videos to explain more.
There is suddenly a lot of talk about "moral injury" and combat PTSD. It is survivor's guilt adding to what is known as PTSD but unlike other causes of PTSD, this one is harder to heal from. The good news is, you were not judged by God but He has put what you need to heal already in your soul. It is our job to connect you to it again. Contact Point Man International Ministries to show you the way.
National Guardsmen and Reservists have the same wounds as active duty troops but they come back home without the same support. They grieve just as much but for many, they are also risking their lives as police officers and firefighters.

Vietnam veterans have been healing from what their service did to them and they know what it is to grieve. Combat PTSD is different from other types. We only know about this wound of war because they fought for everything available today for all veterans. If you have PTSD understand this one message. You are not stuck the way you are and your life can get better. PTSD caused the change in you. Change again!

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