Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Army veteran committed suicide after Lasik surgery

Ex-FDA Advisor Says Of LASIK Eye Surgery: ‘It Should Have Never Been Approved’

CBS News Pittsburgh
June 17, 2019
Burleson said the surgery caused her son, an Army veteran, to go legally blind. She said his chronic suffering caused him to take his own life. “They found the suicide note on him that said the doctor ruined his eyes,” she said.

PITTSBURGH (CBS) — A former FDA advisor, who told the government to approve LASIK eye surgery in the 1990s, is now saying it should have never happened.

It comes as more patients are having the procedure, and a number of them are seeing problems instead of seeing better.

“Imagine every good thing you see today, tomorrow you don’t,” said Rick Rackley, who gets emotional talking about his corrective eye surgery one year ago.

The gourmet food truck owner, who loves the outdoors, didn’t want to wear prescription sunglasses when he was outdoors. But he says LASIK eye surgery made his eyesight worse.

“There is substantial blurriness. It’s just fuzzy,” he said.

Heather Christensen also had LASIK eye surgery eight years ago.

“For months after that I was seeing rainbows and halos around everything,” she said.

She didn’t need glasses when she got the procedure, so it frustrates her that now she does. She blames LASIK for making her eyes worse.

“I was reaching 40. I was having trouble reading labels and small print,” she said explaining the reason behind getting LASIK.
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