Tuesday, January 28, 2020

raising suicide awareness is actually dead language

Group says they are raising awareness...but not why they are not doing it for free?

When you read what this ad on Facebook says, to "raise more awareness for the 22 veterans who take their lives." When you think about it, raising suicide awareness is actually dead language!

It also turns out they are using the money to "deliver" memorial plaques after it happened to a grieving family after someone they loved took their own life BECAUSE THEY DID NOT BECOME AWARE THEY COULD HEAL!

Are they raising awareness it is happening? Why? Has anyone asked them? What is the point of doing frickin pushups?

Too bad they do not know how many times it actually happened today...or any other day!

What is worse in all of this, is it got worse for our troops and veterans since all this suicide awareness started!

The "number" remained an average of 500 a year, even though the number of those serving went down!

The total number of military personnel is over 3.6 million strong, including DoD Active Duty military personnel (1,388,028); DHS’s Active Duty Coast Guard members (41,849); DoD Ready Reserve and DHS Coast Guard Reserve members (1,086,447); members of the Retired Reserve (212,314) and Standby Reserve (16,327); and DoD appropriated and non appropriated fund civilian personnel (907,121). DoD’s Active Duty and DHS’s Coast Guard Active Duty members comprise the largest portion of the military force (39.2%), followed by Ready Reserve members (29.7%) and DoD civilian personnel (24.8%).
U.S. military force numbers, by service branch and reserve component 2018 Published by Erin Duffin, Nov 12, 2019

The U.S. Army had the highest number of active duty personnel in 2018, with 471,990 troops. In the same year, the Coast Guard had the fewest number of active duty members, with 41,132.

Active and reserve U.S. military force personnel numbers by service branch and reserve component in 2018
For known veteran suicides, look at the percentages going up.

 This is the last respectable report before the VA started to "adjust" how our veterans are counted.

So, now that you are more aware of how this stuff does not help those who are thinking about suicide, being reminded of more who gave up on themselves, do you think you may want to start supporting people raising healing awareness instead?

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