Wednesday, June 10, 2020

you may think you won, but God has other plans for what you deserve

EndingWounded Times

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
June 10, 2020

A few days ago I wrote about how this site was changing. I had to face the fact that the support I needed to keep going was never going to come. This started in 2007, but my work online began in 1993. My work with veterans dealing with PTSD started in 1982. In all those years, while where my heart is, never changed, the way I attempted to communicate changed many times.

My heart is still with veterans, and always will be. I cared because I came from a military family and married into another one.

What got lost in all of this was the fact that I understood what it was like to survive traumatic events, because I did it 10 times. It was even more if you want to count hurricanes when I lived in Florida. Yet I am living proof that prevention works and so does everything else I did to recover. I beat the odds!

My marriage also beat the odds because we are past 35 years!

Once I decided to change the focus of this site and stop trying to get support from veterans groups, it was like the weight of the world had come off my shoulders. It turns out that it has happened to others too.

I received an email from someone going through the same thing. He is a Vietnam veteran and dedicated his life to helping veterans heal with equine therapy. He has done it for decades. I was shocked to hear what he has been going through, since he not only deserved the help, he is a veteran but the groups will not help him either.

This is posted with his permission and I omitted the groups mentioned because what I heard after this is, we are far from alone.

I have wanted to for some time now to write the same first three paragraphs of you letter of today.

As you know, I read you every day. I know the struggle all too well. You are so absolutely correct about your feelings.

Yes, veterans organization seem to now days be all be about "themselves" Yes, I am talking about the so-called "veteran's charities" "These old as well as the new pop-up charities who think they have all the answers.
Our Organization received IRS tax exemption in 1992 We were created by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 23 and I have served as Director ever since. My beginning salary was set by VVA23 at $200.00 per week. Over the years, my salary has never been more than $400.00 per week and, I have not taken any salary in the last 10 years.

To be completely honest, We still serve veterans but, I have come to realize, CHILDREN who have suffered from trauma is where my calling should be.

I am so happy to hear I am not alone and someone else who has the same experience as me, feels the same way. Now with the virus, donations are impossible and yet here I am left with 8 horses to feed. Horses my wife and I love and can't even think of giving up. Will there be help from veteran's groups. NO, HELL NO.

I respect you Kathie and wish you the very best. I think you are doing the right thing. Bob Bambury

This was my reply
Bless you Bob! I really needed to know that it is not just happening to me. You have been a blessing to veterans for far too long and earned the support, they refuse to give.

When Jesus sent out 72 with His 12 Disciples, this is what He told them.

10 But when you enter a town and are not welcomed, go into its streets and say, 11 ‘Even the dust of your town we wipe from our feet as a warning to you. Yet be sure of this: The kingdom of God has come near.’ Luke 10

They will not hear us, or support us, but we must trust that God is ever faithful to what He asks us to do. I find it comforting to know that when we pray for help, He tries to send others to answer our prayers. Much like we have tried to do for all those in need. When they will not listen to what He is asking them to do, never lose faith in Him and shake the dust off your feet.

Reach out to where your heart is telling you that is where you need to be.

These are very dark days and more people will be hurting than ever before. This "harvest" is plenty but true workers are few. Follow where He leads and I will pray you find the support you have so long been denied!

With your permission, I would like to include part of your email in a post later today. No pressure and understandable if you do not want me to. You can also write what you want and I will include it. It is the beginning of the new mission today.
From this point on, Wounded Times will be updated at-will. I am basically leaving the posts up because there is a ton of information within the over 30,000 posts.

Honestly, this site hit over 4 million, but no one thought it was worth supporting. Had some readers valued it instead of just deciding to plagiarize my work, things would have gone differently. 

If you supported it by passing on the links, thank you for what you did. If you are one of those who just stole it, you may think you won, but God has other plans for what you deserve.

For updates go to PTSD Patrol where I am giving lessons on PTSD and educating those who need to discover a different way of healing!

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