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Thursday, October 4, 2018

After Soldier was robbed, he got more donations than needed, and gave it away!

Soldier Whose House Was Looted Gives Away Money Raised for Him: 'I Wanted to Show Kindness'
October 04, 2018
In just 11 days, the fundraiser reached nearly $15,000 — surpassing Capron’s $5,000 goal. Ocampo and Finch said they were astonished to receive so much. “It was overwhelming,” Finch tells PEOPLE. “It was way more than we needed.”
Army medic Luis Ocampo returned from the front lines of Hurricane Florence in September to find his house looted, and some of his family’s most cherished possessions stolen. Now, after generous well-wishers donated money to replace his losses, Ocampo is giving away most of the money that was raised for him.

“We got more than we expected, and felt that it was our responsibility to show someone that same kindness that so many showed us,” Ocampo, 24, tells PEOPLE.

Ocampo left his home in Charlotte last month when his unit from the North Carolina National Guard was called to help with hurricane relief. Ocampo spent days in New Bern, a riverfront city ravaged by the storm.

With Ocampo gone, his girlfriend Kailey Finch and their infant son also left home.
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vietnam Veteran Waited 40 Years For Service Medals

Worcester Vietnam War veteran receives 6 service medals over 40 years later 
By Lindsay Corcoran
March 13, 2015
According to his daughters, Raffa rarely speaks of the war. He preferred instead to talk about his service on the Worcester Fire Department, where he worked for 34 years until retiring in 2012.
Raffa received six medals for his service in Vietnam.
WORCESTER - Since returning from Vietnam in 1970, Frank Raffa never again put on his uniform. On Friday, he was pinned with the service medals he earned, but it took him over 40 years to receive.

"My family was supportive when I came back, but other people said things," Raffa recalled of his return from the divisive war. "So I just never put my uniform on."

U.S. Rep. James McGovern helped the 65-year-old Worcester veteran obtain six medals he earned for his service, including the Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon and two expert badges.

"He's an incredible man who not only served our country over there, but also served our city here," said McGovern, noting Raffa's service on the Worcester Fire Department.
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