Saturday, April 26, 2008

Israel 34 days at war and 500 PTSD reserve soldiers

Israel tests Ecstasy on war trauma victims

An Israeli medical team has started tests using the drug Ecstasy as a treatment for conflict-linked post-traumatic disorders, the Maariv daily reported on Friday.

Doctors at the Beer-Yakov psychiatric hospital south of Tel Aviv are testing the response of Israeli post-traumatic disorder patients to MDMA, the active ingredient in the drug.

Rakefet Rodriguez, Sergio Marchiveski and Marina Kaufchicz, who are leading the experimental programme, are convinced that psychotheraphy is crucial in curing patients and that Ecstasy can help them to recover.

The doctors believe the drug has both calming and stimulating effects that can help patients not only overcome trauma but also dominate it, Maariv said.

Almost 500 reserve troops suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following the 34-day war that pitted Israeli troops against Lebanon’s Hezbollah Shiite militia in July and August 2006, the paper said.

Ecstasy, which is illegal in most countries, is one of the world’s most commonly used narcotics.

Before you start on anything about Israel and Lebanon, don't. This is about the fact they had a 34 day battle going on and it produced 500 PTSD cases. Think about that!

The next thing is that with their track record of upheaval and suicide bombings, along with Lebanon and what they are going through, we have a lot to learn from them. It's time we all looked at what other nations are doing since all that is required is a human is exposed to traumatic events and there are humans all over the world.

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