Saturday, July 19, 2008

Briton held hostage in Iraq 'kills himself'

Briton held hostage in Iraq 'kills himself'
Published Date: 20 July 2008
By Gareth Rose
MILITANTS in Iraq say a British hostage has committed suicide in despair at the UK government's failure to negotiate his release.

The news emerged on a videotape released by insurgents who have been holding five men for more than a year.

The tape contained a heart-rending plea from another hostage, a Scottish bodyguard known only as Alan, for the British government to intervene.

Looking pale and drawn he faced the camera and said: "Despite my good treatment over the last year, physically I'm not doing well. Psychologically I'm doing a lot worse.

"The thought of not seeing my family again… just isn't doing well with me at all."
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