Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sobering News on Homeless Veteran Front

This seems to be the way governments operate. They come up with plans and then do nothing to put those plans to work, yet manage to congratulate themselves on the plans acting as if they did something.

It happens in the VA-administration end when they say they have done so much for the veterans but if you look deeply into what they've done, it doesn't add up to much when considering the problems most veterans face has grown instead of declining. The biggest issue I have with all of this is Battlemind. Common sense tells us that if a program produces more suicides and more suicide attempts after it has begun, then it can't be working, but don't tell that to any of the heads of the VA. They'll bite your head off. They think its' wonderful! This is just more of the same.

Sobering News on Homeless Veteran Front; Shriver Protests Lack of Action

By Jorge Casuso

July 10 – The range of emotions during a City Council hearing Tuesday night on plans to house homeless veterans seemed as complex as the issue itself – from hailing good news to pondering sobering statistics to expressing visible frustration.

By the end of the discussion, City Council member Bobby Shriver had stripped his name from a council resolution praising his efforts, along with those of other law makers, to provide housing and services for homeless vets in three buildings on the Veterans Administration Grounds in Westwood. (“Plan to House Homeless Vets Gets Go-ahead,” August 22, 2007)

Shriver noted that the effort he kicked off shortly after taking office nearly four years ago had failed to provide a single bed for a homeless veteran and that lawmakers shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back because a contract with a service provider might finally be signed in January.

“I’ve worked very hard on this, and I have to express my frustration,” said Shriver, who has intensively lobbied federal officials on the issue. “I’m frustrated that federal legislation has slowed the process down. It’s mind boggling when people are living on the streets.
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