Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Daily Show doing what reporters should be doing

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart managed to find clips of how the GOP seems to have a habit of double speak when it comes to winning, the truth is insignificant.

The thing about being sexist asking questions about Palin, her experience and her record, caused the talking heads to explode over asking any questions at all. Hannity along with Dick Morris, said it was sexist to ask questions of Palin, but when it was Senator Clinton, asking her was a totally different story and Morris said Clinton would go and hide behind the apron strings. Morris pointed out that if Clinton could not take it when her opponents were "picking" on her, how could she stand up with the other nations leaders did it? Really different story when it is a member of their party.

Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain advisor thought that the questions about Palin were sexist and wrong but when it was Clinton, yet again, it was appropriate.

The clincher here is that Palin herself, thought that when a woman was running for elected office she needed to answer the questions and prove herself.

When it came to Palin's daughter, Bristol's pregnancy, Bill O'Reilly said that it was the families business as long as society did not have to pay to raise the child. Yet when Jamie Lynn Spears news hit that she was pregnant, O'Reilly blamed her parents because they could not control their own daughter.

What was worse in all of this was when Stewart lead off with Karl Rove. Addressing Palin's experience as Mayor and then Governor, he thought she was thoroughly ready to be able to take over as president if anything happened to McCain. Stewart pointed out that Palin was mayor of a town of 9,000 and then Governor of Alaska. Yet when it was Tim Kaine, Governor of Virginia, was mayor of Richmond, population 200,000, he was far from ready to lead.

What is really depressing is that the American public gets more information from the Daily Show than the reporters provide on real news. I'm a new junkie. I won't excuse it because what happens in this country should matter and when it comes to electing the presidential ticket that will be in charge of the whole shebang, we need to be able to make informed decisions. We have not been getting the information over the ten years. We've only been handed talking points and the media has not done their jobs of becoming informed enough to ask questions when someone says something.

It took the Stewart team less than a day to come up with the clips of all of the above but the media can't do it?

The video is on the side bar at the top. It'll stay there for a few days so that people can be reminded of what was said when it the talking heads were addressing members of the other party. kc

Following The Daily Show was the Colbet Report and this:

Wednesday Sep 3 2008
Susan Eisenhower Endorses Obama
Episode: #04112
Views: 3913
Susan Eisenhower tells Stephen how a member of one of America's most venerated military families could stoop so low and support Barack Obama.

When you watch this, you'll hear Colbert mention General "Fig" Newton. This is the background on him. He was one of the generals who is supporting Senator Obama.


Retired Aug. 1, 2000
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster
Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster
Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
Air Medal with 16 oak leaf clusters
Air Force Commendation Medal
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with "V" device and two oak leaf clusters
Vietnam Service Medal
Philippine Presidential Unit Citation
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Second Lieutenant Mar 23, 1966
First Lieutenant Dec 12, 1967
Captain Jun 12, 1969
Major Jan 1, 1978
Lieutenant Colonel Oct 1, 1980
Colonel Dec 1, 1983
Brigadier General Aug 3, 1991
Major General Aug 10, 1993
Lieutenant General May 25, 1995
General Apr 1, 1997

UPDATE: This was on RawStory. It looks like the AP decided to take a look at the convention and what was said against reality.

Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP convention Associated Press
Published: Thursday September 4, 2008
go here and read what was said against what the truth really is.

The more I think about all of this the more I am sure that Palin is ready. Not for the VP gig but for the Springer Show.

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