Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sgt. Evan Minnear, back from Iraq, killed here trying to stop gunman

When I talk about how heroes are not made, they are born, Sgt. Minnear is an example of that. The men and women serving, for the most part aside from rare few, were born to do what they do. Serve the nation. We see this when you read about how some of the fallen were when they were young. You read it in the stories of what they did when they came home as members of the National Guard and Reservists retuning to their civilian jobs, usually on police forces, as firefighters, doctors, nurses along with others never failing to show what is in their core.

Minnear died at the hands of the enemy but in this case the accused is another American. People who make a choice to commit evil acts are the enemy to those who want to help others. The huge difference is that the people who want to help, wish the others no harm but will do what it takes to stop them. Too often that comes with the price of their own lives.

Just-released felon arrested in death of MP

The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Dec 2, 2008 15:56:26 EST

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Army military police officer survived 15 months in Iraq, but it was the Anchorage streets that claimed his life.

Authorities say Army Sgt. Evan Minnear died at the hands of a convicted felon who had been out of jail 16 days and was not supposed to be carrying a firearm.

They believe 26-year-old Vongdeuane Vongthongdy killed Minnear outside the Woodshed Lounge in downtown Anchorage on Sunday.

Vongthongdy was already on probation for the felony assault with a weapon during the shooting.

But police said that day, he stood outside the bar brandishing a semiautomatic weapon and fired the gun into the air. Police said witnesses told them how Minnear was simply trying to instill calm and implore Vongthongdy to stay in the area until police arrived.

Instead the 24-year-old Minnear was shot in the upper torso and died several hours after being rushed to a local hospital.

A surveillance camera posted in the captured some of what happened around 1 a.m. Sunday morning.
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