Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Supreme Court just slammed wounded veterans

I'll give you one guess who voted what way against the veterans,,,,,,Congress has to do something about this or all the talk over the last few years about taking care of our wounded veterans will boil down to empty words about as good as the treaties the government gave the Indians.

Let me remind you of one of the veterans that didn't see her claim honored before she died. My friend Capt. Agnes Irish Bresnahan! Remember she suffered from Agent Orange and PTSD but was never granted the full compensation she should have had? Well she probably would have had she not decided she wanted to make sure she fought just as hard for other veterans as she fought for herself. No veteran should ever have to do thru that but they do and they will now that the Supreme Court decided that it's up to the veterans to prove it or lose it!

Should be easy to do right? After all isn't that what you're thinking right now? Easy to prove if they are telling the truth but what if the VA decides a sworn statement from Satan himself comes stating clearly what the flashbacks and nightmares are all about and they don't believe it? What if a sniper showed up and said he shot the buddy of the veteran with PTSD so many times his eye balls fell out? What if they didn't believe him either? Well that's what this comes down to. It's happened too many times and it's wrong. My husband's claim took 6 years to clear up but as bad as that was, his best friend fought for 19 years before his claim was finally approved. I've heard even worse stories.

Congress needs to set the ground rules to undo the harm the Supreme Court just did and they need to do it fast! Let's see the right wing talking heads bitch moan and complain about this the way they just did over the flap with the security warning including the possibility of some disgruntled veterans. Ever wonder why any of them would ever be disgruntled?

Court makes it harder to fight claim denials

The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Apr 21, 2009 16:48:13 EDT

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has made it harder for veterans to challenge the denial of medical claims by the Veterans Affairs Department.

The high court, in a 6-3 decision on Tuesday, said veterans who contend the VA failed to tell them what information was needed to justify their claims must prove that the VA's mistakes made a difference in the outcome of their cases.

A federal appeals court in Washington earlier ruled that the burden was on the VA to prove the errors were not harmful to the veterans.
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