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Bill O'Reilly - Blowhard

Bill O'Reilly - Blowhard
Harmon Biehl

Miami Veterans Affairs Examiner
June 23, 1:46 PM
Greetings Vets, I am a relatively articulate person both in the spoken word as well as the written word. I am an amateur in the field of political coercion in the written word or the spoken word. I am like a fifth grader debating the college freshman in a debate about the dating habits of post adolescent teens. Occasionally I am way more knowledgeable about a topic than the experts, because the experts depend on hearsay and other people to do their footwork and real research homework before shooting off their mouths. Like Take Bill O'Reilly for example.

He has been shooting his mouth off about homeless veterans. He says they are few and far between. I, on the other hand know that to be bullhocky. In Orlando alone, of the homeless vets that are countable we have by my nose count 250 living on the streets and in overnight homeless shelters with the rest of the street people. Above that there are homeless veterans living at the V.A. facility on property in Orlando. I would guess there are at least 150 of them there. I know of homeless veterans that make the rounds of the Christian service centers as well as the Salvation Army's over night lodgings. Just the other day I was bringing a homeless Veteran to the Christian Union Rescue Mission, only to find out in intake that I was sitting next to another homeless veteran.

The other real place to look is in the county jail. The reason to look in the county jail is that Veterans living on the street are there for a reason. PTSD, ANGER, HOPELESSNESS, FEAR, MENTAL ILLNESS, and the list goes on and on. When a local cop asks them for ID or for some good reason why they are panhandling, these old warriors invariably tell the officer some obvious answer that is not flattering to the officers intelligence, which of course, their question was bait in the first place. Yes, Bill could find a bunch of homeless vets in jails all across the country. These were educated, uniformed, highly trained warriors in the employ of Uncle Sam at one time so mostly there is some underlying reason they are homeless. Of course this reason escapes the understanding of the V.A., but then so does a lot of stuff, both medical and psychological. That is an ongoing story though of gigantic proportions.
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Bill O'Reilly - Blowhard

I could think of another term to use for O'Reilly, but that would not make a difference to him or his viewers. They haven't cared all this time and it's doubtful they ever will. There are some people you just can't educate. They have no interest in learning or caring.

Much like the villains in our history, O'Reilly seems to think that if a woman is raped, it's more important to him what she was wearing at the time in order to discern if she was asking for it. Don't be so shocked over this because he has spent a long time shooting off his mouth blaming the victim of a crime. He instigates hatred and seems to enjoy it. Look back at some of the transcripts of his shows. The boy that was kidnapped, O'Reilly said he must have enjoyed it because he was away from the rules of his parents. The abortion doctor murdered in church, O'Reilly instigated hatred against him and when he was murdered, O'Reilly justified himself by pointing out how many "lives" were saved.

O'Reilly attacked homeless veterans, first by saying they were not real, then blamed them because they were "drug addicts and alcoholics" because he could not continue to ignore the fact. He had a chance to redeem himself once provided with some clue of their reality, but once again, he blamed them for their own suffering.

I used to think that O'Reilly had enough viewers to use his power for good, to inform them of what exactly was going on as any honest person would, but O'Reilly preferred to do more harm than good. His viewers apparently approve and agree. I read what they have to say all the time.

People like O'Reilly are all about themselves. They constantly attack anyone they see as a threat to their bubble. They have a view of President Obama, mostly because he's a Democrat, cling onto a bunch of nonsense and rumors ignoring the good he's done for veterans. They hold up people like McCain as heroes to veterans, even though he voted against them every time he had a chance to prove what they meant to him. It does not take a lot of insight to figure out they are not about the veterans needing this nation's loyalty in return for their service, it's about power.

I actually feel sorry for people like O'Reilly because fate has a way of teaching us lessons. Call it Karma if you wish, but it all boils down to what we do, what we send out, comes around to reward us accordingly to all of it. Each time he attacks veterans and victims, his reservations to the pit of hell are being upgraded and confirmed. People like him end up being in need of help one day and find there is no one there to help him up. They will stand and convict him as he has convicted others.

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