Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two great new videos

My friend Shelia over at Agent Orange Quilt of Tears sent the following links.

I Fought For You

Veterans of different ages take their family members to a nearly empty theater. A grandfather takes his two grandsons, hoping somehow to get them to understand. Another young child joins them in playing with toys soldiers instead of watching the film as the two grandchildren play with their electronic gear. Soon one of them begins to watch the film. One by one the disconnected connected to a part of their family member's life. Three active military young soldiers walk in the back of the theater and they all stand up to salute and applaud. Did they finally get the message about what true sacrifice is all about? I believe anyone would have.

Then we have this video on the fallen. Simply put together but very powerful giving numbers as I did in the Memorial video I made but making it very clear these are not numbers, but real people no longer here so that the rest of us could enjoy what they left behind. Our freedom!

Memorial Day Signs and Numbers

Watch both videos and you'll be glad you did.

These are the numbers they left out of the video they did.

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