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Another PTSD Veteran killed by police after shootout

Friends: Man Killed by Police Officer Struggled With PTSD
Suspect shot man outside of bar

Updated: Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 6:19 PM MDT
Published : Sunday, 27 Mar 2011, 3:25 PM MDT

A man killed in a shootout with a Glendale police officer in the west valley early Saturday morning was apparently struggling with post traumatic stress disorder.

Jeremiah Wilson Pulaski, 24, of Glendale was shot to death after several rounds were exchanged between him and the officer.

FOX 10 has learned that Pulaski was a military veteran who returned to the U.S. in January, and he was having a difficult time dealing with the stress from his deployment and return.

Police said Pulaski had been involved in another shooting outside a Glendale restaurant just moments before he was stopped by the officer.

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Man Killed by Police Officer Struggled With PTSD

The Arizona Senator, the man who wanted to be President, none other than John McCain said, "maybe you need this in New Jersey, but we don't need this in Arizona" when asked why he as against the suicide prevention bill. You'd think that as a Senator, he'd be very aware of what veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan come home with. It isn't just suicides but crimes committed because they didn't get the help they needed. Jeremiah Pulaski knew how to use a weapon but the man he shot was not killed, suggesting he didn't want to kill him. The man he shot was still shot over some words said. Pulaski's family and friends are left stunned by what happened as they prepare for a funeral that didn't need to happen. Police officers are dealing with a shooting that didn't need to happen.

Man killed in Glendale police shooting was war veteran

by Luci Scott - Mar. 27, 2011 03:52 PM
The Arizona Republic

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Ann Lupeika says that even though her step-nephew died in Phoenix, Jeremiah Pulaski was a victim of the war in Afghanistan.

Pulaski was fatally shot early Saturday morning by a Glendale police sergeant who authorities said was returning fire.

Pulaski 24, had recently returned from an Army stint in Afghanistan.

"He's my hero," said Lupeika. "I feel really bad that it came down to whatever happened that night."

Police said that about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Jeremiah Wilson Pulaski and a friend left Tony's Cocktail Lounge near 59th Avenue and Greenway Road. A man approached them and the conversation turned hostile. Pulaski drew a handgun and shot the man, who did not suffer life-threatening injuries, police said.

Read more: Man killed in Glendale police shooting was war veteran


  1. We have at home a veteran of 29 years, my son who came from Afghanistan so affected it has been a struggle for all of us. PTSD, bone problems, deaf from one ear and on a constant mood changing, anger outbursts, etc. WE are dealing day to day on this, Veteran's Hospital only says IF HE FEELS MENTALLY SICK IS VOLUNTARY ONLY we cannot bring him to evaluation without his concern. IS A SHAME, THEY WAIT UNTIL HE DESTROYS HIMSELF OR DO SOMETHING WRONG TO REACT.Heroes falling because of the system and bureaucracy. Now he's being trying to have less nightmares using earplugs, to have some silence around. I have a support group to help them on our Ministry, adopting them while they are on the war theater and when they come back with their families. A little comfort, time to listen them and establish healing goals with them. Our ministry is READY to help, even we are as family in our own process. Bless you all! We are raising funds to establish the first House of Peace for Soldiers, a place to let them have some peace, resources and family care.We will also train other organizations to do so if they want. For more information or any donation you may write to:

  2. It is never easy and until this country invests the same dedication helping them back home as they do training and equipping them to go.

    You can't force him to get help but you can help him to understand that he does deserve it. They usually think they have become evil because things get a bit twisted around in their thinking. They forget how they felt when they enlisted and how they wanted to serve for the right reasons. They forget all the good they did and all the times they cared no matter what was going on around them. Help him to remember that part of himself and then maybe you will be able to get him the help he needs.

    Good luck with your ministry. The mind-body-spirit connection is very important.

  3. My name is Zachary H from Dearborn MO, i am on the list for a standoff that happened in aprill of 2010 with the county sherriffs office. I called for help, and they sent SWAT instead of the ambulance. when i told them i had PTSD they said what's that? I was taken to hospital put on 72 hour phych hold, and then sent home, latter to be charge with a felony assault on a Law Enforcement officer, when i never resisted, and knew the officers that were responding as i used to be a firefighter here. Now with that being said, i am 10K into lawyers fighting the judicial system. I was having a flashback, knew it from my treatments and called for help. they sent the SRT team and other Law enforcement officers. During the stand off, only one saw me with a weapon and it was at the ground, my wife which was here, said i kept it at the ground and told dispatchers it was unloaded, as i didn't know the difference in that state of mind, and had an unloaded firearm. That's not a crime in Missouri. They charged me with the assault, and snuck in count two of unlawful use of firearm. i had been drinking that night. which i know is not the best, hadn't taken my meds cause of a stomach problem of throwing them up, cause there's so many. VA's help is to pill you out. If anyone would like to know more, or to or can help in anyways my email is, and my phone is 816-969-9192

  4. Zachary, as soon as I saw your comment, I remembered reading about it as soon as it happened from your local news.

    To readers of this blog, this comment is true and yes, it did happen.

    Had Zachary lived in another state, he wouldn't have been taken to jail after calling for help. He would have just been taken to the VA hospital for the help he needed to heal after combat. This is wrong on so many levels that it will take us stepping up to help him.

    Legal help,,,call him and offer help.
    Financial help,,,,,send him a couple of bucks to help him.
    Above that write your members of congress and get this crap stopped. It should never depend on where they live if they heal or not, get arrested instead of helped or gunned down. Congress needs to pass a law for these veterans to make sure they are treated properly across the country and not subjected to different standards depending on where they live.

    Folks, this is just the beginning of a very long series of issues these veterans will face and they need all the help they can get. Time for us to do our part!


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