Friday, March 18, 2011

War with Libya? Will Congress get it right this time?

This may be the first steps taken leading up to troops being sent into Libya. Let's pray that doesn't happen. The last thing we need is one more war to fight. The last thing the troops need is one more time congress does not debate sending them with all seriousness.

When the military was deciding how many troops to send into Afghanistan, congress was not debating any of it. They sure didn't debate how to take care of the wounded. No one thought about them. As the clock ticked and more died, more were wounded, the VA was not driven to increase staff any more than their budget was increased. Then came sending more troops into Iraq. Again, congress fell flat on their face squashing debate as being "anti-military" with some demanding they fully support the President in order to support the troops. Again, no one in congress demanded the VA be ready to take care of the wounded another war would create.

The men and women we sent are the ones paying the price. The American people were asked to contribute nothing toward the war efforts considered so vital to our security, billions were spent waging the wars. We ended up with a detached citizenry.

Today if you ask the average person about Iraq, they think all the troops are out of there. If you ask them about Afghanistan, all they will say is that it needs to end. Hardly no one knows how many died, were wounded or committed suicide because of combat. Even less know how many have PTSD and how many families are falling apart because of it.

Now there is talk about another military action in Libya. The no-fly zone could very well be the beginning of war since Moammar Gadhafi has shown very little interest in what his own people want or the rest of the world will tolerate. It is very unlikely a no-fly zone will be the end of this. Will congress do the right thing this time? Will they make sure this is the last option? Will they make sure the plans are in place ahead of time? Will they make sure contractors are held accountable? Will they make sure the DOD and the VA are ready to take care of the wounded another war will create? Will the American people be asked to sacrifice anything instead of just military families?

Prompt military moves afoot over Libya
By the CNN Wire Staff
March 18, 2011 8:23 a.m. EDT

NEW: French official says action could begin in several hours
NEW: Britain says it's starting preparations to deploy aircraft
NEW: Gadhafi quoted as saying "I'm going to win"

(CNN) -- Military action against the Moammar Gadhafi regime could begin in the coming hours, a French government spokesman said on Friday, hours after the U.N. Security Council authorized the use of force to protect besieged civilians in Libya.

Speaking in an interview with RTL radio, Francois Baroin said France plans to participate in what he described as "swift" efforts.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain has started preparations to deploy aircraft, and "in the coming hours" they will move to air bases where they will be positioned for any "necessary action."

One Libyan official, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, said the Gadhafi regime supports a cease-fire. But a defiant Gadhafi, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro on Friday sloughed off the threat of an attack, saying, "I'm going to win because the people are with me."
The decisive Security Council move comes after weeks of civil war between the Gadhafi regime and opposition forces, a conflict spurred by an anti-government uprising and regime violence against civilians -- which the U.N. resolution cites as "outrageous."

Breaking down a no-fly zone over Libya Libya reacts to no-fly zone Libyan amb. still hopeful for airstrikes UN okays no-fly zone in Libya

The council Thursday night voted 10 to 0 with five abstentions to authorize "states to take all necessary measures to protect civilians" and it imposed a no-fly zone, banning all flights in Libyan airspace, with exceptions that involve humanitarian aid and evacuation of foreign nationals.
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Prompt military moves afoot over Libya

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