Monday, January 2, 2012

Alive Day, New PTSD Video

If you had "resiliency training" here are some numbers you need to remember.

They knew sending you back into combat over and over again would increase your risk of PTSD. They turned around and came out with "Battlemind" trying to convince you that you could train your brain to be "tough" enough to just get over it. They never understood that you were already mentally tough, courageous and strong. Actually, they never really understood what causes PTSD so that left them clueless. Instead of helping, they ended up hurting you by leaving you to think PTSD was your fault because you didn't train right or you were weak.

Then there is this from 2009 showing you are not alone when it comes to "failing" the training.
Well, you are not now nor have you ever been weak. When you were deployed and lives were on the line, what did you do? Did you call in sick? Did you catch a flight back home? Or did you stay to help the men and women you served with? Did you notice the pain you had inside when someone else was in danger?

You did not allow yourself to feel the pain you carried until everyone was out of danger, until you were back home, until you couldn't trap in behind the wall any longer. How much tougher can you get than to be able to carry that kind of pain and still do it all?

The pain you feel now doesn't have to destroy you. You can heal if you get the right help. You fought for those you love in combat enough you were willing to die for them. Then fight for those you love back here enough to stay alive for them.

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