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Military's Illegal Personality Disorder Discharge Problem

As Dr. Thomas Berger pointed out in this article, they would have had to talk to family members before making a diagnosis of Personality Disorder. The other factor in all of this is you'd have to believe the DOD tests missed it when they enlisted. All this leads to the DOD is basically telling the troops, they had it before they served so they owe the veteran nothing. Nothing including compensation so they can pay their bills, no jobs because without an honorable discharge, employers don't want them and service organizations only help those with honorable discharges, topped off with the fact that even they have trouble getting jobs. Uncle Sam went to the bowl and washed his hands of these men and women after they served.

U.S. military illegally discharging veterans with personality disorder, report says
POSTED: 03/22/2012
By Mary E. O'Leary
The New Haven (Conn.) Register

Dr. Thomas Berger, VVA executive director for the Veterans Health Council, said to properly diagnose someone with personality disorder, the Department of Defense would have had to consult with the families and he doubted that happened.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The Department of Defense has illegally discharged hundreds of veterans in the past decade by not following their own protocols when making a diagnosis of personality disorder, which denies them certain medical benefits and carries a stigma that hurts re-entry to civilian life.

That conclusion is based on data collected from the Department of Defense as the result of two Freedom of Information suits filed by the Veterans Services Clinic at Yale Law School on behalf of its clients, Vietnam Veterans of America.

The VVA and the Yale clinic Thursday released their report: "Casting Troops Aside: The United States Military's Illegal Personality Disorder Discharge Problem."

A person let go from military service with a diagnosis of personality disorder cannot access retirement disability benefits or severance disability payments and they may not qualify for monthly service connected compensation and timely health care from Veterans Affairs.

Personality disorder is considered a pre-existing condition, as opposed to post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury and usually manifests itself in adolescence.

The Veterans Affairs Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007 accused the Department of Defense of deliberately misusing the personality diagnoses to save some $12.5 billion in health care and compensation.

The law clinic has determined that a total of 31,000 service members from 2001 to 2010 were discharged on the basis of alleged personality disorder, which is nearly 20 percent more than the 26,000 personality disorder discharges estimated by the federal General Accounting Office for 2001 to 2007.
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  1. I was discharged in 1981 with a "unsuitability-personality disorder". I was enlisted as suitable, and after Military Sexual Trauma, I never reported it. I began drinking too much and was discharged without a psychological examination or physical examination. They told me to either accept this discharge as written or they would give me a dishonorable discharge. I am applying for benefits, but don't have much hope because of this phony diagnosis. I have a legal diagnosis of PTSD now, but I need help with this process. Anyone who knows of where I can get help, please let me know!!!

  2. Please help me...anyone...
    I was discharged under this phony diagnosis after experiencing military sexual trauma in 1981. It's a long story and this has ruined my life! I need help with my application for compensation and benefits, but don't know where to go! I feel like going to the VA emergency room and screaming "HELP ME NOW"! I have struggled with documented PTSD for 30 years and still wake up in a cold sweat with nightmares. Can anyone help me find someone to help me? I have tried the womens military page, the MST page, etc., with no luck. I'm desperate...

    1. Hi Mrs. Jackson,

      Do not fret! This happened to me, too! I went in and served with HONOR 2003-2007, and I went through a decade of nonsense to fight for my re-entry code, in which I won. I am giving you an honest and straight forward answer, and it is the fact that you have to keep on fighting and realize that they do not care. I even went to a Veteran Group lawyer, and he denied my claim. The VA diagnosed me with this back in 2008. Always SAY NO to prescription drugs!!! Instead pray and spend time with family and friends that you can "trust". Detox your body from all the poisonous vaccines and harsh environment toxins. I pray Our Creator heals your body from the trauma your life. Revelation 21

  3. I am so sorry this happened to you. I suggest you go to the Disabled American Veterans site, and find a chapter in your area. They have service officers that can help you. If you tell them what happened to you and why you have that kind of discharge, they should be able to help you find out what you have to do or at least point you in the right direction. Most DAV chapters have service officers to help with claims and there are many women working to help other female veterans. The DAV service officers work for free and get training every year on VA claims. DON'T GIVE UP!

  4. 2007 I was discharged with Personality Disorder while a MEB was in the works for injuries sustained while on active duty (spine). Booted me to the curb and told me good luck. Ive just recently discovered there has been research on troops from 2001-2009 showing there were doing this illegally on purpose. Ive also seen Yale University has filed some sort of class action law suit. How do I fix this..or what the heck do I need to do?! its now 2017...

    1. What you do is fight back! Don't give up. The suit was actually settled and here is the scoop on that one. "The Veterans Legal Services Clinic at Yale Law School represented the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Vietnam Veterans of America and the National Veterans Council for Legal Redress. The VVA said that thousands of Vietnam veterans were wrongfully discharged because they suffered from PTSD, at a time when the disorder was not medically accepted."

      This is from the DOD
      "The department encourages all veterans who believe they have experienced an error or injustice to request relief from their service's Board for Correction of Military/Naval Records (BCM/NR) or Discharge Review Board (DRB)," the announcement reads."

      Try to contact the Vietnam Veterans of America because they are fighting for all generations. It happened to them too. Go to the links and connect with Yale. Whatever you do, don't give up fighting for yourself after you fought for everyone else!

      The IAVA is taking this on too!
      "IAVA and other leading VSOs have been relentless in our fight for care for veterans with ‘bad-paper’ discharges for years and took it to a new level with the launch of our ‘Campaign to Combat Suicide’ in 2014. Last December, we celebrated the successful inclusion of the The Fairness for Veterans Act into the annual defense bill, which ensures Discharge Review Boards give liberal consideration to petitions for changes to an other than honorable discharge status if a servicemember is diagnosed with mental health injury in connection with their military service."

    2. I have tried to reach out to VA programs, and no one seems to care. Even though I fought since 2008 and won my case, it does not excuse the pain and suffering I had to endure. The Veterans Law Group even denied my claim.


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