Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tornado takes home of local vet, thieves take what was replaced

Tornado takes home of local vet, thieves take belongings again

EAST LAKE, Ala. (WIAT) Fred Swartz helps fix up houses with Three Hots and A Cot, a Birmingham organization that assists homeless veterans, which also helped him.

“I’ve gone from being homeless staying in a bus station, a homeless shelter into housing, into my own house shortly," he says.

He and others have worked on a house in East Lake for about 2 months and were a week from moving in when thieves broke in.

“They didn't get much, but they got everything that Fred had which is a lot," says JD Simpson, President of Three Hots and a Cot.

Before the thieves kicked in the back door trying to get in, they damaged brand new storm windows on their first attempt. On top of taking a few electronics and a TV that had been donated, the thieves also set him back in other ways.
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