Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Battlefield Home

Nadia McCaffrey sent me the link to this film. I am very glad she did. The second title of this blog is Battle Stations Home because if you read this blog, you know the battles are too often much harder back here than there.

Battlefield Home
The Backstory....

Battlefield: Home is a feature-length documentary about the transition home by our troops and families after combat is over.

Each personal story unfolds the challenges that warriors, families and survivors often face in their attempt to "return to normal," amidst the systemic breakdowns faced by each service member. Whether faced by the challenge of medical, judicial or economics, "Battlefield: Home" shares their stories of survival when the war is over.

With a skeleton crew, and the desire to help, we traveled across the United States to hear these stories and give our Veteran and their families a voice.

Our warriors and families recognize that the war is not always the one fought overseas, sometimes the war is at home.

We are now looking for assistance in completing this most important story. Talented friends have contributed their time and skills to assist, but we are still lacking some essentials.

The film will be released on-line so that it will reach those who can help. The focus and goal of this film is to increase awareness, and help support those who have supported us a nation.

This is a film of strength, courage, honesty, heartbreak, and hope...it is the story of us.

'One percent of our population serves in the military, one percent defends this nation, is it too much to ask that we take care of that one percent?'

Thank you.

Anita Holsapple, MS - Director/Producer/Creator (USMC BRAT) read more here

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