Saturday, August 25, 2012

Florida Veterans Charity Watchdog Committee

Vets group takes aim at sketchy solicitors
Panel works on guide to aid host retailers
Written by
R. Norman Moody

MERRITT ISLAND — Former military-service members — determined to make sure that groups collecting money in the name of veterans are operating transparently — have formed a watchdog committee to come up with guidelines for soliciting in Brevard County.

The first meeting on Friday of the Veterans Charity Watchdog Committee came in the wake of a FLORIDA TODAY investigation that found some groups collecting money for veterans do not meet standard charity guidelines for how much actually goes toward veterans programs.

Skip Bateman, the committee chairman, said he has received calls inquiring about organizations that come from out of the area to solicit in Brevard. He said the FLORIDA TODAY stories propelled him and others at the Brevard Veterans Council to begin looking at what could be done to make sure money collected for veterans is going to veterans. They were joined by the Indian River Veterans Council president and others. read more here

Skip Bateman, left, chairs the Brevard Veterans Council. Bill Vagianos is vice-chair. / RIK JESSE/FLORIDA TODAY

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