Friday, August 17, 2012

Walmart suspends veterans charity as advocates seek stricter rules

If you live in Florida, you are very aware of Bill Vagianos especially if you do anything with homeless veterans. When he talks, everyone needs to listen because he has a huge agenda,,,,taking care of veterans!

Walmart suspends veterans charity as advocates seek stricter rules
Aug 16, 2012
Written by
R. Norman Moody

Solicitors claiming to collect money in the name of veterans in front of Brevard County stores may soon have guidelines to follow if local advocates have their way.

Walmart already has decided to suspend one group from asking for money at its stores.

Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said the company has taken a closer look at the organizations requesting to solicit on its properties and decided to suspend Veterans Support Organization until it investigates further.

“The group is no longer welcome to fund-raise or solicit outside our stores until we know more,” she said.

Bill Vagianos, the president of the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center and vice chairman of the Brevard Veterans Council — a coalition of more than 70 veterans organizations — said that the topic of creating guidelines for groups claiming to collect money for veterans at stores and on the street has now been propelled forward in the wake of a FLORIDA TODAY investigation published Sunday.

“I recommend that we have a uniform criteria,” Vagianos said. “It’s been a topic of discussion for years. We’re just now taking up the initiative.”
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Update from a fellow sucker. If you gave to this group or any of the other groups you believed in, don't feel too bad. Just make sure the next time you know where your money is going. Don't fall for the sad stories about what is happening to our veterans if they do not list anything they are doing for them. We've all seen commercials and ads to groups claiming they are really working for veterans only to discover they are putting most of their money into raising more money and putting it in their pockets. I not only fell for a lot of these groups, I helped support them on this blog. I had to learn the hard way and support the groups I am still a member of. The DAV-DAVA has been around a long time and I know what they do. Point Man Ministries has been around a long time and I know what they do. There are several other groups I am still involved with because I do believe in them. I stopped advertising for new groups because I ended up regretting any support I gave them. This group is one of them.

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