Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why am I worth less?

Why am I worth less?
by Chaplain Kathie
Wounded Times Blog
August 26, 2012

I would really like to know why I am worth less than the people getting paid a lot of money to do what I do. I have reporters calling me all the time so they can write an article about what is going on with our troops and veterans. They don't have a clue so they turn to me for an easy way out.  I have psychologists reading what I track and using my videos in their therapy sessions. Not one of them ever thinks to donate to the work I do. They work 5 days a week and get a pay check. I work on average 70 hours a week and do it every day.

Family members contact me all the time because they are not being told what they need to know more than veterans contact me because they are feeling hopeless as well. A great case to point out is there was a Mom contacting me a couple of years ago to help her and her son. He had already tried to commit suicide twice. I worked with her and her son for several months. She said I saved his life. Considering how it all turned out, she was right. Last I heard, he is happy and living a pretty good life. Once their crisis was long over with, I was in financial crisis and asked her for a donation. I guess she didn't think I deserved it because she wouldn't donate. Months of heartbreaking work, late night phone calls doing what paid therapists couldn't do for her and I wasn't worth anything to her.

This is Sunday morning and I am doing what I do instead of going to church. Most Sundays it is like this but this Sunday there is an extra burden on my shoulders. Friday I put out a call for help because I am in desperate need of donations. So far there have been two donations that total $45.00. I am over $3,500 in the hole right now.

Does this blog matter? Well considering how many read it, it must. Over 40,000 page views in the last month is a bit higher than normal. It is usually about 35,000, yet what you see on this blog is only part of what I do. There are emails, phone calls, meetings and filming events. Countless hours considering I end up working even when I am grocery shopping. There are bills to pay like my car, insurance, gas, tolls, computer expenses including the Internet, phone bills and the list goes on but somehow what I do is worth less.

What I do is not that expensive but while I do it for free, it is not free for me to do. There are ads on this blog but right now they bring in about $30.00 a month.

There are 80 followers on this blog and about 200 subscribers. If everyone donated $10.00 that would get me pretty close to breaking even.

That's it. That's all and I can't stop crying. If I helped you in the past, why won't you help me?

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  1. Crying for you. I will be donating 50.00 withing the next few minutes. I will pledge 50.00 a month because I believe that you cover our soldiers and their struggles and deaths with accuracy, depth, concern, and prayer. May God bless you and carry you through these dark days.

    In memory of US Army Airborne Medic SPC. Freddy Hook, 1990 - 2010 In the presence of our Lord and Savior....

  2. You said it, exactly how I feel and what I experience as the founder of a 501c3: Every takes, takes, takes, and rarely does anyone give back.

    I am facing total bankruptcy, with no hope of a job here in Maine. I still donated.

    I know we are in a Depression, but everyone has 10 dollars--smoke one less cigarette a day, pass up a super-sized fast food meal, skip that couple of drinks at your local pub--if you all really believe in what Wounded Times does and provides FREE to the public, give. And if you are fortunate to have a job or trust fund--give GENEROUSLY.

    Honestly, have we become so selfish and greedy that we never give to charities and social services? It's just plain un-American!

    Shame on anyone who "uses" or who has "used" Wounded Times services and knowledge base (or any other nonprofit charity) and never gave back a dime.

    Colleen M. Crary, M.A.
    Founder and Executive Director

  3. I can't thank both of you enough. It doesn't matter how much it is because most of my tears came from feeling as if I didn't matter at all anymore.


    Coleen, if ever I get back on my feet and this work stops coming off of my husband's back, I'll be donating back to you! I don't know why people just assume that because what we do is free it is also free to us. They just don't understand that while it may not cost a lot of money, it is far from free for us financially as well as emotionally.

    Theresa, I adore you too and your donation brought tears to my eyes because of families like your's are the reason I do this work.

    Thank you again and thank you for your prayers as well.


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