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Texas soldier’s suicide still haunts her mother

I went to read Texas soldier’s suicide still haunts her mother in Bedford but discovered you need to be a subscriber to finish reading the article. (If I subscribed to every newspaper I read, I'd never be off line.) But what I found was the comment section had a post from this Mom and all of us need to read what she wrote.

Margy Agar · Top Commenter

The time line is written well however the FIRST, AND "MAIN ISSUE" of this story remains with me to be who, and why Kimberly was taken off of the 24 /7 watch, because according to her doctors' SWORN STATEMENT, he never released her and never would have removed her from that watch. He did it for her safety, fear of a relapse, and he was distraught after learning she died. Officials in Germany who were investigating Kim's death were asking me if I knew what may have "triggered" her death and I had no idea, at least until I started reading all of this sworn statements. It is mentioned in the article about problems with a colleague and through reading all of the sworn statements I found that on September 30th there was a very heated discussion with the females in the chorus about 1 of the colleagues who was not present. The discussion left Kimberly extremely upset. This 'colleague' had been "bullying" Kim for months. In fact Kim had called me very upset after going to London to have me deactivate her Facebook page because of it. She also told me she filed a complaint about it and nothing was done. So she got out of the hospital and returned to the exact situation she left, THE FIRST TIME. Then according to an Army spokesman (publicist) she was only watched for 48 hours. In my opinion, I know that is not enough time to readjust or get counseling or even get set up on the right medications. When was a Medical Board going to happen. Kim was diagnosed with Borderline personality Disorder...She saw doctors during her teen years for depression from a family divorce and hormonal changes but not a Personality Disorder. I also unfortunately found out after she died that Kim was forcibly raped in her teens...That combined with her one severe IED and another one that was never reported to the Army, had Kim diagnosed with a Personality Disorder but NOT PTSD....WHY NOT? They Co-Cur.

"PTSD is a disabling anxiety disorder triggered by a traumatic experience, ranging from a one-time event such as physical assault to chronic stresses such as those experienced during warfare. Patients are commonly treated with supportive therapies, including anti-psychotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and psychotherapy..." COLUMBIA UNIV MED CENTER AUG, 2012

Now to address the Army's response to my accusations of "bullying" were met with words such as:" it is inappropriate to say that".......So I will quote Defense Secretary Mr. Leon Panetta and change bullying to "BELITTLING AND HUMILIATING "AMONG HIS OTHER WORDS:

Panetta said suicide is "one of the most complex and urgent problems" he faces. "Commanders cannot tolerate any actions that belittle, haze, humiliate or ostracize any individual, especially those who require or are responsibly seeking professional services...."

The second worst thing someone could have done to her 24 days after a serious suicidal attempt would be THE have to wait the whole weekend until Monday and face the person who had been allegedly giving Kim problems for months. She would have the whole chorus stop singing, NOT tell Kim, who would keep singing, then be reprimanded (humiliated, laughed at etc.) for singing the wrong note. By her account they called her a "Field Girl" (Combat) who belonged back in combat because she could not read music...

A month before her death, Kim was excitedly talking about coming home and going to college in culinary arts. Now I'll never see her as a bride or have children This story is from my heart and you can make your own decisions based on what's written here. But I have TWO 1000 page reports complete with sworn statements and I feel her death was senseless. The worst thing that could have happened after September sixth was to put her on that isolated floor with no roommate and take away the 24/7 watch ordered by the doctor until their next visit at the very minimum because he feared a relapse. My main goal now is too correct what went wrong with Kim's story, changes need to be made especially since I was not privy to ANY information after her initial attempt on 9.6.11. And lastly, get rid of the stigma of suicide, people do not commit suicide they die from it. And until we as a nation can even SAY the word, I feel nothing will change, especially in the military.

(I am not a professional reporter, just an anguished mother)

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