Thursday, October 18, 2012

Veterans React To The Second Presidential Debate

Romney says he knows how to create jobs. Then why did Massachusetts lose jobs when he was Governor? Why did the companies he took over end up going bankrupt? Why did those jobs leave at the same time his money left the country? Folks these are easy questions that need to be asked but so far, no reporter has really asked them.

The biggest question he needs to be asked is how he feels about the Senate Republicans holding up the Veterans' Jobs Bill instead of passing it and putting veterans back to work on the jobs they love. See, most veterans end up going to work as cops and firefighters, emergency responders, medical technicians and teachers. Most of these jobs have seen layoffs because of state budget cuts. As the Republican Party nominee for President, he needs to be asked if he approves of the block or not. If he says he doesn't approve, then why hasn't he come out and fought for veterans? If he does approve, then he needs to be honest with the veterans in this country.

Veterans React To The Second Presidential Debate At Hofstra
Posted: 10/17/2012

While veterans affairs were not at the forefront of the second presidential debate, a few issues that affect vets were mentioned in passing -- from President Obama's insistence on the importance of small businesses receiving tax credits for hiring veterans to Romney's belief that military service could serve as a pathway to permanent residence for children of undocumented immigrants.

After the debate, HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks asked veterans what they thought about the candidates' statements.

Justin Ford, a veteran in Washington, D.C., believes Obama was the one who brought the most attention to veterans during Tuesday's debate.

"Throughout the conventions and debates, he's certainly been the one to focus on veterans," Ford said.
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Reaction at Fort Hood

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