Friday, January 11, 2013

Brave Mom had a gun and knew how to use it

First thought on this is BRAVO for this brave Mom and even more kudos for knowing how to hit what she was shooting at. She hit the intruder 5 times with a hand gun. The second thing is owning a gun to defend yourself and your home is not an issue. No one, including non gun owners,  have a problem with that at all. Hardly no one has a problem with hunters or sportsmen. The issue everyone is talking about are assault weapons.

This Mom is the kind of person I've been talking about. She had it and knew how to use it. That is a responsible gun owner.
Gun rights groups say Georgia home invasion proves their point
By Rich Phillips
January 11, 2013

Last week, Melinda Herman shot an intruder in her Georgia home
She had learned to shoot only two weeks before
Her story has gained the attention of gun rights groups

Loganville, Georgia (CNN) -- This is not a movie. There's no dramatic music in the background. A happy ending, far from a guarantee.

The concern in Donnie Herman's voice was clear as day. So was his stress. With two telephones to his ear, he listened to his wife, Melinda, as she fled into an attic of their Loganville home. With her: Her two 9-year-old children and a loaded .38 revolver.

In the house: An intruder with a crowbar.

On another line was the 911 operator Donnie Herman had called for help. Herman's words to his wife, as he sat helplessly, an hour away from the home, were recorded.

"Stay in the attic," he instructed her, calmly.

"He's in the bedroom," she told him. He repeated the words to the 911 operator. "Shh. Relax," Herman said, trying to calm his wife.

Then he instructed her to do what was fast becoming a realistic possibility.

"Melinda -- if he opens up the door, you shoot him! You understand?"

What happened next has made the Hermans the new faces of the right to bear arms.

Melinda Herman fired a six-shot revolver at the intruder, hitting him five times, in his torso and in his face. Surprisingly, he managed to flee.
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