Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tattoo reminds Marine to read the Bible, have faith

Tattoo reminds Marine to read the Bible, have faith
Billings Gazette
By Mary Pickett

Joshua Grisak, 28, estimates that half or more of the U.S. Marines he served with had tattoos.

Grisak was among them.

Before he was deployed to Iraq in 2008, the Polson native got a tattoo of a cross with the word “Jesus” on his right calf.

Stationed at Camp Pendleton, he and several other Marines had tattoos done at the same time in nearby Carlsbad, Calif.

One of group had his son’s name tattooed along his side.

Grisak said his own tattoo is an expression of his faith and a reminder for him to read the Bible and not get caught up in stupid things. Although it represents his own religious beliefs, it also means not force it on others, he said.

When he returned from Iraq, Grisak had a Charlie Russell-style buffalo skull tattooed on his upper right arm, inspired by Marines who had tattooed symbols of their home states, including Texas lone stars, an outline of Alaska and state flags.

Grisak also had an outline of a large cross and comedy and tragedy drama masks tattooed on his back with the phrase “Life is pain” written across the top.
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