Friday, March 1, 2013

Fort Jackson Wife Nominated Spouse of the Year

I received an email from Pamela Larson about this nomination. She is a soldier's wife but she was a soldier as well. She was wounded in Iraq. Pamela is Mom, but has also taken on another labor of love, helping soldiers and spouses with PTSD.

Read Pam's story and if you learn nothing about what is asked of military families, then you've already been paying attention. The trouble is too many have no clue.

If her name sounds familiar to you it is because Pamela and her husband were also the subjects of many posts here. Her husband, Sgt. Robert Larson was having a hard time with PTSD and for a while was missing. This was followed up by Fort Jackson, Missing Soldier Suffers from PTSD, Long Untreated TBI Pamela was frantic but when the Military search for Sgt. Rob Larson ended this Wife turned to Facebook to find missing husband. On October 22, the news came out that Sgt. Larson returned home.

On February 21st, 2013 Pamela Larson was named a finalist for Military Spouse of the Year. Pamela Larson is Fort Jackson’s Spouse of the Year and is one of three Army spouses who are eligible for this impressive honor. For Pam, this campaign is not about gaining a title, it is about saving her husband's life and healing her family from the wounds of war. Her fight is not for her soldier, but more so for the man underneath the uniform.

In the painful journey of PTSD and TBI which their lives have become, Pam now recognizes that she is not alone in this fight. She strives to be a resource and lifeline to other soldiers, veterans, and their loved ones to help them cope and treat these silent war-inflicted wounds.

Pamela Larson is more than just a Military Spouse, she is a purple heart veteran, a mother of two, a college student, a small business owner, and an activist for soldiers battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries. But first and foremost, she is a military spouse and mom.

Pam’s heroic story did not start that October day in 2006 when she was shot on her last 36 hours of duty in Iraq; this story began the day that her wounded husband went missing from their South Carolina home after a PCS move to Fort Jackson. Against all odds, Pamela used social media to gain resources to lead a nationwide search. Without the active help of military resources, she and the connections she sought out, tracked her soldier to a remote camp in Minnesota after an 8-day search, where he was found in a delusional state.

Since her husband’s return, Pamela is now utilizing her resources to find the help her husband needs and to assist all active military members, their spouses, and the veterans who struggle daily fighting this silent epidemic of PTSD and TBI. Through her PTSD support pages, Pam is also working daily to help spouses and loved ones get the help they need to assist in their soldier’s recovery.

Along with being an activist, Pamela has been a strong support to Military families through the creation of her in-home business, Teddys from the Troops. Teddys from the Troops was started as a way to help Military families to cope when a loved one is deployed. The bears are made out of used ACUs to provide a level of comfort while the soldier is away. Pamela also donates one bear a month to a family member of a wounded warrior.

Voting for Military Spouse of the Year will take place on March 5th and absolutely anyone can vote. This voting will determine both Military-wide Spouse of the Year as well as Branch-wide Spouse of the Year. Military Spouse of the Year will be announced on May 9th at a luncheon in Washington DC.

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