Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cancer stricken Marine faces eviction because people care too much?

Robert Lorentz risked his life in Iraq. He lived on the streets. The only people he had in his life were other homeless veterans. He found a place to live the last of his days suffering from cancer. Again, it was his "street family" coming to take care of him. Now a heartless landlord can't wait until the dies to get rid of his caregivers?
Cancer-stricken Iraq war veteran faces eviction over 'street family'
Published June 10, 2013

A former Marine whose doctor reportedly says he only has four months to live in a fight against bone cancer is now taking on another challenger: his landlord, who is looking to evict him from his Arizona apartment.

Robert Lorentz, a 37-year-old Iraq war veteran, was homeless until last year, when he moved into an apartment complex in Phoenix, AZCentral.com reports.

A variety of people visit Lorentz’s apartment each day. He calls them his “street family,” as they cook him meals and help him change his clothes and use the bathroom.

But apartment owner Emanuel Dobos believes the caregivers are squatters, saying they have trashed the apartment complex and are causing disturbances for other residents, AZCentral.com reports.
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