Friday, July 12, 2013

Fort Jackson General relieved of duty for "misconduct"

Army Relieves Fort Jackson CO
Associated Press
by Susanne M. Schafer
Jul 12, 2013

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The Army has removed from the command of its largest training post the one-star general suspended in May over charges of adultery and involvement in a physical altercation.

Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts was relieved of his command at Fort Jackson, S.C., on Thursday afternoon due to misconduct, said Army spokesman Harvey Perritt.

The decision was made by Gen. Robert W. Cone, Commander of the Army Training and Doctrine Command in Fort Eustis, Va., Perritt said.

"This misconduct included adultery and a physical altercation," he said. "This misconduct was not sexual assault or harassment; it was a breach of order and discipline that violated standards of the Army profession."
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