Monday, July 22, 2013

WHIO-TV wins Emmy awards for PTSD and Military Suicide reporting

WHIO-TV wins Emmy awards
Staff Report
July 21, 2013

Here are John Paul, Byron Stirsman, Becky Grimes, Cheryl McHenry and James Brown for one of three WHIO-TV Emmy awards on July 20, 2013 in Cincinnati.

This Emmy is for Best Military Coverage on the story 'Invisible Wound: PTSD and the War Within'.
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Frankly I am stunned by the lack of attention too many think this story deserves so it is with hope of more stations covering this that I am begging you to click the link to WHIO. Show them this is something that matters and then others will follow the leader. That is the way the media works. If we ignore the work being done to help servicemen and women heal, so will they. Do you really like the way the news stations reports "major" stories? Then clue them in on this one.

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