Monday, August 26, 2013

Number of domestic violence incidents involving veterans on the rise

More proof that what the DOD has been doing on PTSD doesn't work and the families are clueless on what to do to help.
Number of domestic violence incidents involving veterans on the rise
FOX 6 Milwaukee
By Chip Brewster
August 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There are tens of thousands of domestic abuse incidents every year in southeastern Wisconsin. As wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the number involving veterans is growing.

“I`ve been officially diagnosed with PTSD, explosive anger disorder, high anxiety,” Frankie Torres said.

Torres is among a growing number of veterans afflicted with mental illness. As a U.S. Marine, he witnessed a lot of violence during his two deployments to Iraq. He remembers one day in particular.

“We were approximately, let`s use the word, six blocks away when an explosion went off that you could feel underneath our feet and I mean just a huge explosion and it took out — two of our Marines were KIA that day and two of them were severely injured,” Torres said.

When he came home, he was a different person — reacting to life in a different way.

“Just being overly aggressive, maybe car broke down, wife didn`t cook something, child, children were outside arguing, many, many small things. It really wasn`t an actual big event that triggered this. It was more multiple small triggers that were just building and building until I reacted in a negative manner,” Torres said.

That “negative manner” was an act of domestic violence in 2010.
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