Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ohio Gulf War Vet with PTSD wins battle with sheriff over Ohio CCW license

Persian Gulf War vet wins battle with sheriff over Ohio CCW license
by Jennifer Cruz
September 5, 2013

After fighting a different sort of battle over the last few months, a Persian Gulf War vet finally had his CCW license granted to him last month.

James Redmon sued Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas Riggenbach after he denied Redmon a license based on a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis from more than six years ago as well as felony charges, which were later dropped.

Redmon accused Riggenbach of abusing his power and misinterpreted the law by denying him his license, which he claims he had no legitimate reasons for doing so.

“The sheriff overstepped his authority and broke the law. I tried twice to tell him before filing the lawsuit and he treated me as if I were not worth of speaking to him and blew me off,” Redmon said.

Riggenbach stands behind his decision and said it was more than just the PTSD diagnosis which Redmon’s attention seems to be focused.
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