Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time for Democrats and Republicans to stop "addressing" and start fixing

This is the site to go to and know how long things have been "addressed" for veterans. It is the archives of the House Veterans Affairs Committee

By 2006 all kinds of things were being "addressed" to help veterans but when you read the list, it is easy to see how none of it really got fixed. We are still reading reports on the same issues. Some of those years it was Bob Filner as the Chairman. He got some things done but frankly, didn't fix much.

The Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee is Jeff Miller. This is from the committee page.
In 2009, Congressman Miller was appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). The HPSCI provides policy guidance and sets classified funding levels for the sixteen agencies of the Intelligence Community funded by the National Intelligence Program and the Military Intelligence Program. Recently, the Intelligence Committee has held important hearings on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, U.S. Intelligence Operations against Al Qaeda, and Security Clearance Reform.

In 2011, Miller became the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. The Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is responsible for authorization and oversight of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA.) VA is the second largest department in the federal government with over 300,000 employees and a budget of over $119 billion.

Congressman Miller also serves on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), where he serves as Vice Chairman of the subcommittee on Transatlantic Defense and Security Cooperation.

Since coming to Congress, Miller has established himself as one of the staunchest conservatives in the House. He has championed numerous tax relief and veterans' measures and fought for less government, less taxes, and more personal freedom.

The truth is it really doesn't make much difference on which party is in charge because they never, ever seem to want to fix much for very long.

The rise in suicides among veterans went up during the years the congress was addressing them. The House Armed Services Committee is not much better. But again it shows how long they have been "addressing" the issues with the troops and their families but not getting very far in fixing much at all. The more money they spent, the more lives were lost to suicide.

So here we are with the whole country shutting down and on the verge of causing even more harm while politicians yell about money. Did they forget they spent it? Did they forget that no matter what party was in control they had an obligation to also watch the money being spent? Do they really expect us to think all of this happened overnight?

That's what I don't get about any of this. First they said it was over health insurance and now they don't seem to know what the "it" is they are yet again "addressing" and they don't care who has to pay for what they do to them.

The Democrats won't put the House Bills up for a vote in the Senate because they say it is all about fixing what the Republicans like. Ok, fair enough. They said they won't fix the VA so that families like mine still get compensation for what the war did to my husband. That was harder to take. Now they have sunk to a lower low when they said they will not even allow a bill to cover the men and women killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Why? Why can't they even let this pass? Do they understand that no matter what political party is in charge the men and women in the military are risking their lives while politicians are only risking their ass in the seat they were elected to serve from?

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