Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vietnam Veteran reminds you "They May Have Been Heroes"

Before you go to the link below and look at the stunning pictures, take a second to understand the photographer is a Vietnam veteran. Be prepared to look at their faces and into their eyes and ask yourself what you would say to them if you were standing next to them. Would you stand next to them? Have anything to say at all? Ask them any questions? Offer them help, a hug or even say you will pray for them? Or would you just see them and walk to the other side of the street so they wouldn't bother you?
Ex-Drill Sergeant Travels The Country Finding And Photographing Homeless Veterans
Gary Martin
February 5, 2014

Photographer Jerry Tovo has spent the better part of the last 2 years pursuing a personal project around the USA called “They May Have Been Heroes.” The project is dedicated to raising the Nation’s awareness to the plight of the hundreds of thousands of homeless Veterans, by photographing, videotaping and otherwise recording their stories. The photos and stories are both captivating and heartbreaking.

About Jerry Tovo
Jerry Tovo is a married 67-year-old photographer from the Heartland of America. A former Drill Sergeant from the Vietnam era with a minor military disability, Jerry has chosen to take on this incredible challenge.

When Jerry was 56, and already considered by many to be a world-class photographer, he seized the opportunity to spend seven years in the field working with some of the greatest photographers in the country as a representative for Kodak Professional. It was there he came to the realization that new digital technology was a perfect fit for the black and white imagery he has so readily embraced. During that time, Jerry found himself diving headlong into combining that new technology with the style of the old masters. He has since refined that combination into a new style that is perfectly tailored to this project.
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