Monday, April 21, 2014

National Guardsman fears discharge after surviving suicide attempt

There is something really wrong when soldiers are still trying to commit suicide. There is something even more wrong when they have to fear they survived.

If you have any advice for this Guardsman, read the post on Yahoo.

Military discharge for suicide attempt?
I dont want to hear any opinions or anybody giving me a lecture why i shouldnt have done it because its already happened and cant be undone.

About three weeks ago I attempted suicide by trying to OD on a variety of pills.

I started feeling really sick. Got very scared and went to the hospital. They pumped my stomach and sent me to a behavioural and mental hospital and had me locked in a room. Unfortunately it was the same weekend as my National guard drill.

After three days I was out and sent my documents of my stay to my First sergeant. Of course leaving out most of the information of why I was there in the first place. Then about a week later he called me enraged and kept going on about how he needs all my information and medical paper work from my stay there. He is very suspicious and very angry.

I just signed to have all my paper work released to my First Sergeant. It sounds silly because I just tried to takr my own life but I do not want to be discharge d at all. I fear that when he gets ahold of the paper work he I will be discharge d from the National Guard. Does any one know what they do for attempted suicide????

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