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Fruits of deeds and courage of paralyzed veteran

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
August 23, 2014

About a month ago Wounded Times posted the story of Randy Abbott "Paralyzed veteran beaten and robbed causes international reaction of love." What got to most people was not as much about what he did in the military, but what he did with his life after an operation to help him ended up paralyzing him.
When asked his reaction to the outbreak of love and compassion generated by his story, Abbott is visibly shaken.

"When I have people who don't even know me and they call me from Hawaii, Australia and France and say 'Hey, just get back in the water and surf and you're gonna be ok. We love you buddy!' That means a lot to me."
KUSI News San Diego

Randy does what he can to help others enjoy surfing but more than that, he's helping them learn they can still enjoy life no matter what happened to them. To know that having a disabled body does not mean the person is disabled by the limitations.

Yesterday when I got home from work, there was an email from Randy with a message to call him. I wasn't sure who he was like most of the time when a veteran contacts me. I called, left a message and he called me back last night. No one knows about the conversations I have with veterans and they never will unless the veteran wants to share something. In this case, after you read what he wrote, you'll know why this story is different.

Randy said he wanted to apologize for lying. Still not sure of who I was talking to, I could hear the emotion in his soft voice. After a while it sunk in that I posted his story but I was still confused over the apology. The thing about his story that was reported in the news, wasn't about his military service, but was about what he did with his life afterwards.

Had this story been about his service in the military with him thumping a chest full of medals that turned out to be one of the thousands of frauds running around the country trying to get something for themselves, I would have understood the pain in his voice as I spoke about forgiveness, but it wasn't. It was a story of a veteran taking something bad that happened to him and making lives better for others.

I asked him if he lied about any of that and he said he didn't. That was all I needed to know because the simple fact he wanted to find forgiveness for something few knew about was humbling as well as inspirational.

I thought about how many times I've screwed up as a human in my own life, just like everyone else. I thought about my Dad doing the whole AA steps of making amenze knowing it was out of his power what people did with it but in his power to change his own life from that moment on. Just like every other human on the planet we can't change the past but can change with the next breath we take.

In Matthew 7, Jesus was addressing the difference between what men say and what they actually do.
You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

The fruits of Randy's deeds are shown on the faces of all the kids and others he's met over the years. There will be some unable to acknowledge his actions are inspirational and change lives because they want to hold onto something wrong as if it will make them feel better about themselves.

Randy is like others in many ways. All of us can say whatever we want and many times we regret what we say. It takes a lot of courage to admit we were wrong and apologize. After being married for 30 years, I can attest to that fact of life and honestly I don't think I'm done needing to tell my husband I'm sorry for something plus the other way around. We've been married this long because we can see ourselves honestly knowing we are far from perfect. (I still haven't figured out how he puts up with me.)
Do Not Judge
7 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

When I told Randy he was already forgiven, he was quiet for extended time. Then he said "I do believe that." Then I asked him to do something for other veterans out there being tormented by something they think they did wrong. Knowing the power of forgiveness, I asked him to help others seek it for themselves. Without hesitation, he agreed. He knows what it feels like to have the weight on his soul but he also knows how being relieved of that empowers this moment on.

Randy showed courage when he joined the military just like everyone else along with compassion enough to be able to risk his life for the sake of others. Last night it required a tremendous about of courage for him to call someone like me not knowing how I would react or what I would do with what he had to say.
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to acknowledge that I was dishonest about my military service. I have no excuse for my actions, dishonesty is dishonesty, and to those I have offended and or hurt I ask for your forgiveness. I did this with no malicious intent to hurt anyone or to gain anything, again to those I have hurt or offended I ask for your forgiveness.

After I was paralyzed and found myself dealing with all the medical issues and trying to learn how to live with being paralyzed, I wondered how many other people were dealing with the same thing. Thinking about all the things they will never be able to do again. I decided to start The View From 42, to help other people learn to live beyond their disabilities. Not knowing what it would become or how it would actually work. I have done no fundraiser; I have taken in no donations or financial contributions, I have funded everything from the beginning and to this date by myself. Do to some medical complications along the way things got put on hold for a time being. At first it was just going to be training service dogs for people, then after starting surfing and getting more active I realized how this help me and thought it could help other people.

People reached out to me for assistance with wheelchair purchases for their children, family members and or friends. Then people started asking if I could take them surfing, or help them get surfboards or wetsuits. I started of with tacking single individuals surfing with the help from volunteers. Bringing young people with disabilities and there families out for what we called a Southern California Surfing Experience. Then it turned into bigger one-day events with participants coming in from out of state. This was all done to help people with disabilities learn how to live beyond their disabilities, like I had done. A simple thing like a custom wheelchair or a surfing event put on just for them opens their mind to thinking about living their life beyond their disability. They start to see themselves as a person who has a disability instead of a disabled person. There is a difference, a big difference.

I still plan to continue to do this at whatever level I can; I am not sure how that will be now. This is a true honest desire just to help other people who have disabilities and have a desire to live beyond them.

Again I apologize for my dishonesty and misleading statements, and ask for your forgiveness.

This was at the bottom of his email
A persons ability to enjoy life should not be hindered by their disability or their lack of accessibility to the world. Do not tell us what we can not do, help us do what we want to do.


  1. This is insane. I know that this apology means nothing to the community and we are still united in bringing Randy Abbott the justice that a lying rat truly deserves. How are the horses, Randy? How are the dogs, Randy? How are your legs, Randy? How is that sniper tattoo, Randy? How is the fake Hog's Tooth, Randy?

  2. I want people to know that Randy Abbott is using stolen valor to garner donations for a fake non profit and will continue until we let it be known that he is doing this. He is a conman. He has lied to you and a lot of others. Do not be fooled by his "apology".

  3. Randy has apologized to the person who published this blog and to Jonn at ThisAintHell. Guess who has not received an apology from Randy Abbott? The Recon/Sniper community. The group from which he stole valor to promote his "charities". Many fine men have been wounded or worse wearing the Recon/Sniper MOS. ALl have been through punishing selection and training. Randy's apology is intended to garner sympathy and nothing more. It is simply one more scam. We are continuing to pursue Randy Abbott as there is mot to this story.

  4. 8541
    I personally want to apologize to you for being dishonest and lying about what I did in the military. I apologize for dishonoring you and all other Recon Scout/Snipers with my actions and dishonesty. I do not know how to reach out to all of them, I’m asking if you could please pass on my message of apology for my dishonesty and lying.

    Thank you for your time.

  5. Randy shouldn't have done what he did but he didn't have to do what he did afterwards. He could have done what most do and that is fade away from public spotlight instead of making a public confession asking for forgiveness.

    I have no tolerance for fakes since I have met far too many humble, real heroes including 2 MOH, multiple amputees and literally thousands of others over the last 30 years.

    That said, the story of a local fraud proves this point. He passed himself off as a Green Beret, multi tour Vietnam Veteran with a Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars for Valor Purple Hearts,,,the list goes on. It turns out after years of raising huge sums of money with few knowing where the money went, being treated like a local legend, it was all made up in his own mind.

    Reporters never bothered to check his record. I got wind of this from friends and decided to take a look into what he claimed. Three major news reports had him going from Vietnam veteran, to Captain to Retired Major. The kicker is, the three reports came out in a year. He was not a Green Beret but we had some friends with connections check out what the truth was. You can read it here.

    What did everyone want after the truth was discovered? They wanted an apology. We never got it. It didn't matter how many people believed his speeches or how many kids had been listening to him over the years or how many people trusted him enough to invest a lot of money in what he wanted to do.

    We contacted the media to have them tell the truth, but they didn't care.

    Randy did what everyone wants when someone does something wrong but I guess that just doesn't matter enough to everyone.

  6. Actual 0321
    I understand your anger and your issues, I want to personally apologize to you for my dishonesty about my military service.
    Since my injury, since starting The View From 42 and to this day I have taken in no donation, done no fund raisers, received no contributions.
    All cost for any and all events put on for people with disabilities, any assistance with purchases of wheelchairs or any other equipment I have assisted in purchasing for people with disabilities was done from my own personal finances. Not from any contributions or donations, because there have been none.
    The facility that is used for the dogs and there training is paid for by me personally and all the renovations that was done on it was paid for by me.
    I have no excuses for my dishonesty and I make none, to those I have offended and hurt I apologize, to you personally I offer my apology for offending you.


  7. "acta non verba"...apology after the fact is a small gesture. I don't believe that there were no donations or money taken in. The View from 42 has been publicized as a 'non profit' since at least 2013. Where is the 503C documentation we requested. This is easy to prove there was no the financials of the 'non profit'. We know $1,300 was collected from The View from 42 in 2013 for the Travis Manion Hero Run. Some of this money specifically given because of Randy's lies of being a Sniper. I am quite sure there was more. Glad you apologized Randy but we are not going to stop digging.

  8. The TRUTH of who you really are Randy is coming out. Apologizing at this point means very little. You have brought shame on not only yourself, your family, and friends, but the Marines you did serve with as a Bulk fuel specialist. Those that actually did their jobs and served their country and were PROUD to be what they were. You have dishonored the United States Marine Corps with your lies and filth. People like you make me ashamed to call myself a Marine.

  9. A Marine who remembersthe meaning of Semper Fidelis...August 24, 2014 at 1:05 PM

    I can understand why some would be quick to forgive Randy after a token apology, because It seems right, feels good,and doesn't require an admission that you were wrong. If you called out this SF poser and no one cared, this Is your chance to get people to care. Simply put, his apology only covers his misrepresentation of his MOS, and doesn't address many other apparent fraudulent and predatory behaviors. The homework has been done, and is ongoing, while the rabbit hole goes on. The apology was an appeal to your feelings to just not care that you are continuing to be duped, so he can continue to wrong others...

  10. A Marine with IntegrityAugust 24, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    Randy, I am NOT an 0321 (Reconnaissance Marine) or an 0317/8541 (Scout Sniper). I am a Marine. That doesn't make me any less of a man though and it certainly doesn't make me any less angry at you for stealing valor from men like my father and those Recon Marines and Scout Snipers who have already expressed their disappointment, hurt and anger to you already.

    I have read the text of your speech that you gave to the Travis Manion Foundation. You claim to have attended and instructed at the (FBI) HRT school, allude to working for the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley and claim to be a Chief Warrant Officer3.

    You go on in your speech to claim you strongly believe in "HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT to GOD, COUNTRY and the MARINE CORPS." Randy, you have a WARPED sense of what that statement really means - ESPECIALLY to United States Marines - considering you spoke it after the huge barrage of bald-faced lies you had just spewed seconds earlier.

    You go on in your speech to say, " is our responsibility to HONOR our FALLEN HEROS". Tell us Randy... How does Stealing THEIR Valor honor them? How does that work???

    You continue your speech by saying that what attracted you to the Travis Manion Foundation is that they "HONOR THE FALLEN BY CHALLENGING THE LIVING" and further, that what we do "when no one is around...defines our legacy." Well Randy, what you did when you thought that no one would know is DISGRACE MY Marine Corps and DISHONOR both the fallen and those who are still among us who paid in blood, sweat and REAL wear and tear on their bodies (unlike your imaginary blood, sweat and wear and tear).

    Randy, the lies you told and allowed to be repeated about being a paralyzed US Marine Reconnaissance Scout Sniper were picked up and repeated on the evening news all over the country and was even picked up by at least one news agency in Europe. The story went viral not only in television / radio but, also on social media.

    Literally MILLIONS of people were impacted in one way or another by your perpetrating this FRAUD on the American people. You can't possibly think that a phone call saying, "I lied" and this blog post could possibly come anywhere remotely close to absolving you of the betrayal you knowingly and calculatingly committed. What I personally would like to see (for a start) is the SAME national and international attention given you your DETAILED CONFESSION of these lies. I'm talking about you going on television and admitting that contrary to what you said and allowed to be repeated and represented by others, that you were NEVER a Reconnaissance Marine, that you were NEVER a Marine Scout Sniper, that you were NEVER an instructor at any HRT school in Quantico, that you were NEVER a Marine Corps Officer or Marine Corps Warrant Officer, that you were NEVER employed by or operated in any capacity with or for the Central Intelligence Agency - basically Randy, it boils down to you admitting everything that you have lied about - in specifics. "I lied. I apologize" just isn't good enough.

    Only after I see you do that will I attempt to forgive you for dishonoring our Heros - fallen and alive - and disgracing MY Marine Corps. I will NEVER FORGET though.

  11. Finding out that Randy was neither a Reconnaissance Marine nor a Sniper only opened the door to us finding out his other pastimes that include domestic violence, fraud and conning real charities out of their money. Randy, you have extraordinary muscle tone in your legs for someone who is paralyzed. In your View from 42 video it is obvious that there are no hand controls in your car, how exactly is it that you are driving? The hammer is coming down, you've got some explaining to do.

  12. A Marine with IntegrityAugust 24, 2014 at 2:21 PM

    Ms. DiCesare,
    You seem to be somewhat incensed that the Marine community and Marine Special Operations community are not slapping Randy on the back saying, "It's all good, Buddy! No harm done! Forgive and Forget!" If you learn nothing from this experience, learn this:

    Marines are a different breed. Our Core Values are Honor, Courage and Commitment. Randy DISHONORED MY Marine Corps because he LACKED the Courage to tell the truth and the Commitment to our motto: Semper Fidelis "Always Faithful". Randy broke faith with the United States Marine Corps and every Marine who served before, with and after him. He brought shame and dishonor upon my beloved Corps. I am very ashamed that he is even able to call himself a Marine.

    The United States Marine Corps is a Brotherhood. It is the most elite Fraternity in the world! Randy might just as well have walked up to every living US Marine and spit in our face and then proceeded to desecrate the graves of every fallen Marine.

    "I lied. I'm sorry." just doesn't rise to the level of atonement required.

  13. Randy:

    You're lying about donations. An ambiguous apology with another lie included is just the next part of your con.

    You may have duped Kathie temporarily, since you're a scumbag that leeches off human compassion, but all you'll do is dig a bigger hole.

    You don't rate your Bulk Fuel Specialist title, and you should apologize to all of your fellow servicemembers who AREN'T being social parasites. Apologies are more than words. What are you going to do for the communities you have spat on?

    To start, apologize for every theft...Sniper, Recon Marine, etc. If you knew what that 7.62mm bullet meant, you wouldn't wear it around your neck.

    Waiting for your next move.

  14. Marine with Integrity, I can only guess you know nothing about this site or what I believe. I have tried, apparently unsuccessfully, to state my views on Randy and it has nothing to do with what I think of Marines or any other veteran. It has more to do with forgiveness.
    While I do appreciate the fact you are a Marine, lecturing me on what a Marine is pretty much shows you are more interested in proving your point.
    Guess you missed the point that Randy showed courage with what he wrote for the public to view. My Dad, a Korean Vet, (Army) was also a violent alcoholic subjecting my brothers to beatings until he decided to stop drinking with the help of AA 13 years after I was born. I forgave him but you seem to think I shouldn't be able to forgive Randy?
    So here are some questions for you.
    Where were you when Marine brothers decided to kill themselves instead of ask for forgiveness for "being mentally weak" and "not training right" or being tough enough?
    These numbers of suicides were released in July
    "Of the 162 confirmed or suspected suicides to date this year for both the active and reserve components, the service breakdown is Army, 71; Air Force, 34; Marine Corps, 21; and Navy, 36." These numbers are topped off with over 8,000 veterans a year committing suicide.
    Where were you when they were being discharged-kicked out of the "brotherhood" for having PTSD labeled as "personality disorder" and left with no one standing up for them?
    Last year the Army discharged 11,000, the Marines, just over 3,000, Navy 3,700 and the Air Force 2,900.
    I don't know you and do not presume to know what you have or have not done. I only ask because I have held Marines in my arms begging to be forgiven for being "weak" and "not training right" because they needed help that was not there for them. They felt they couldn't trust their tough Marine brothers to watch their backs when they were grieving.
    I know enough Marines to know that it is very true and "once a Marine always a Marine" is what you wrote about but I wonder why you felt compelled to lecture me about something I have been totally aware of for over 30 years.
    "If you learn nothing" learn this, next time spend some time before you think you have it all figured out. I pray you find more mercy for yourself when you need to be forgiven for something than what you were willing to give.

  15. I am a MARINE as well as the others who have posted. I served honorably for almost 8 years active duty.
    Randy apologized AFTER he was exposed, not before. Furthermore, he has not "come clean" on everything else. Such as - accepting money for a nonexistent non-profit.
    Forgiveness? An empty apology at this point is meaningless.
    What is the level of his paralysis? If the room is on fire can he run out? Is he able to get out of the chair? What other "issues" has he had? brain cancer? Is that cured now?

  16. Kathie,
    Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but forgivinga a handcrafted lie by a repeat con is foolish and negligent when you are in a position of influence among the communtity, and are asking others to extend the same forgiveness. He lied to you you forgave, story over for you. Or is it? He lied to you by admitting only the easiest lie and perpetuating all of the others, yet you would ask people that he has injured, harassed, arena defrauded to abandon the cause of justice because you could forgive the easiest lie to stomach? I will not pass judgment on you or your father's acts, except to say that your willingness to forgive him would not overshadow the right of your brothers to choose to press charges. All that is asked here is true, public honesty, so that future victims may avoid the same pitfalls and honeyed words that have victimized so many, including those he had sworn to love and bear faith to.

  17. Kathie, by forgiving and forgetting, whose brothers keeper would we be? The repeat con playing off of people's respect for wounded veterans to his own benefit, or the Farmer who might lose her horse farm for trusting him, the charities that allowed him access to money and accolades, the loved ones he intimidated, hurt, and lied to,the media outlets that trusted his word as an honorable Marine vet, or the kind-hearted souls who gave up seats on flights, hard-earned money, merchandise, and access to publicity in the name of a lie?

  18. RIcky Ticky Recon MarineAugust 25, 2014 at 1:34 AM

    To bad Randy DID in fact take money from people for his "non profits" he is a liar and a con. And I know that the community will not stop until he has seen his day of judgment. His time is up, and the ride is over. (no pun intended)
    You are scum, and your sob story, sorry I got caught bull crud won't work this time. You're going to be famous chap, rather you like it or not.
    He was given chance after chance to fess up, in fact he talked crap to one guy about it when confronted on social media.
    We told him time and time again. Gave him opportunity after opportunity. He could have avoided this all, but he chose not to.
    Heres the thing for you religious types. You can't wait until you show up at hell and then ask for forgiveness right? No, it doesn't work that way. He burned us. Good jump champ, its your time to reap what you sowed.

  19. Kathie,

    I commend your efforts to support veterans and our needs. As a fellow Christian I too agree with the grace of forgiveness, and have found that forgiveness takes a personal journey to discover depending on the facet in which one has been wronged. As a USMC Recon/Sniper (0321 & 0317) I have been personally wronged by Mr. Abbott’s actions, and as the Vice Chair on an executive board of directors for a veteran non-profit I can confirm that his actions are criminal in regards to “The View From 42”. Where you sit I can understand your streamline approach to forgiveness because you haven’t had to endure what it takes and what comes with being a Recon/Sniper. I say that not to diminish what you have done and what you have been through but at the end of the day you have never buried brothers that served in the teams that never earned the title. Countless men gave their lives serving in the teams yet they still don’t rate to be called snipers or recon Marines. It’s easier for you to suggest forgiveness because you haven’t been wronged by this man. The community feels that forgiveness will come with actions above words, as well as legal justice. Forgiveness, even in biblical terms comes from a true repentance, and while I think Mr. Abbott’s recent actions are a small step in the right direction; I feel that he is sorrier he got caught than actually sorry for his actions. Looking at his apology letter I feel it is easy to see a narcissistic, redirection towards what he feels he has done right verses what he has done wrong. A sincere apology is just that, not an “I’m sorry, but …” When a person lies about whom they are that’s one thing; but when a person gives speeches in front of other veterans to raise funds for a false non-profit under a false persona, gets a Marine Scout/Sniper tattoo in order to keep a lie alive, goes on the news and self-proclaims accomplishments both in the military and in philanthropic facets; that person is not right psychologically and should not be allowed anywhere near people in need or the financial funds used to help them.

  20. cont'd,

    Fact of the matter is this man lied about his military service, we all know that, and he has semi-publicly apologized for that. What he hasn’t done is provide the proper documentation to clear his philanthropic efforts from the same kind of concerns. As mentioned above I serve on the Executive Board of Directors as the Vice Chair for a veteran non-profit and am the former Executive Director of the same non-profit. I have made several direct attempts with Mr. Abbott to receive copies of his 501-c3 license (issued by the IRS), EIN #, last three years 9-90 forms, as well as the contact information for his board of directors. When a legitimate non-profit is awarded its 501-c3 it is issued a 501-c3 license and an EIN number. This is required by law to have before the non-profit can accept donations and issue tax credits to its donors. The EIN number is given to the donor for them to use on their tax returns. A 9-90 form is the tax records/financial report the charity provides to the IRS each year in order to maintain financial transparency and show donors how their donations were spent. These documentations are required by law to be public knowledge as well as to be provided to any and all donors who request them. These documentations are usually posted on a charity’s web site and if not are required to be provided upon request. Finally is the board of directors. A 501-c3 must have an active board of directors (minimum of 3) by law in order to maintain a 501-c3 status. The board is usually legally responsible for the charity’s decisions so it behooves them to be up to date on current events within the charity and non-profit protocol. I have made several attempts to gather this documentation from Mr. Abbott with no reprieve. Therefore it is safe to assume there may be more lies at stake which could result in felony tax fraud. Now, morally taking funds for personal gain under the cloak of a veteran non-profit is something I have a hard time forgiving considering we have 22 veterans killing themselves a day. There are too many REAL charities struggling to complete their missions because of financial hardships to have some narcissistic, fraudulent, con-man take for his own gains. Truth is Randy got off on being this Recon/Sniper charity super star to the point where he put a sniper tattoo permanently on his body. His ego received more than any actual recipient ever got, and there are countless people that have been negatively affected by this man’s actions. I understand your stance on forgiveness, but I’d be careful suggesting forgiveness before legal justice has been done. I would humbly extend caution in standing up for a person that has done acts resulting in felony actions.


  21. A Marine with IntegrityAugust 25, 2014 at 2:29 AM

    Ms. DiCesare,

    I am very sorry that you endured an abusive alcoholic father. I am happy for you and your family that your father found his way to sobriety. Perhaps you are familiar with the Twelve Steps. Lets take a look and see how a few of them apply to this situation, shall we?

    Step Four: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    Step Five: Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

    Step Eight: Make a list of all persons we have harmed and become willing to make amends to all of them.

    Step Nine: Make direct amends to such people whenever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

    Step Ten: Continue to take personal inventory and when we are wrong, promptly admit it.

    It would seem that these steps would be a good start for Mr. Abbott.

    In your response to me, you say, So here are some questions for you.
    Where were you when Marine brothers decided to kill themselves instead of ask for forgiveness for "being mentally weak" and "not training right" or being tough enough?

    I'll tell you where I was. I was on the computer and or telephone talking them down. I was practicing the intelligence gathering and social engineering skills that I have honed over the years to track down their place of employment so I could call at 0300 in the morning, convince a security guard to call and wake up the HR director and then convince the HR director that they needed to call the local sheriffs department and provide the home address of the individual so that deputies could finally find the individual and get to them to professionals. I quite literally spent six hours tracking down information when the gentleman refused to give his address to us after stating that he was going to kill himself and apologizing for not being strong enough to continue with life. This was one instance when I had hoped that an individual had a criminal record so that an address would be on file with law enforcement. No such luck. Clean living individual. The local PD and Sheriffs department did not have any information and no way to know where to send officers. I did the full fusion intelligence gathering - in real time - while also communicating directly with the Marine. Am I able to do that for every veteran who is on the cliff, no. Nobody is. But, how dare bring veterans suicide into this conversation in attempt to shame or silence me.

  22. A Marine with IntegrityAugust 25, 2014 at 2:29 AM

    "Where were you when they were being discharged-kicked out of the 'brotherhood' for having PTSD labeled as "personality disorder" and left with no one standing up for them?"

    I was providing training and job placement for them in a high tech industry. I was advocating for them with my United States Senators and Representatives.

    "I don't know you and do not presume to know what you have or have not done."

    Really? It certainly seems like you've made a presumption that I have done nothing for my fellow service members and that as a result, your words would somehow shame me into silencing me on the matter of Marshal Rand Abbott's Stolen Valor.

    "...I wonder why you felt compelled to lecture me about something I have been totally aware of for over 30 years."

    Perhaps because you - a NON MARINE - have felt the need to lecture MARINES on how we should be dealing with a betrayal perpetrated by a Marine.

    There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.
    Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army

    "'If you learn nothing' learn this, next time spend some time before you think you have it all figured out."

    At what point did I state that I had anything figured out? I have absolutely no clue why a Marine would have any need to embellish their military service. I have absolutely no clue how a Marine could betray their Brothers in such a manner as Marshall Rand Abbott has done. I have absolutely no clue why you have decided that Randy is your pet liar and you will defend him from all challenges to his courage or integrity.

    By all means, it is your right to do so and I will fight to the death to defend this right for you.

    "I pray you find more mercy for yourself when you need to be forgiven for something than what you were willing to give."

    Perhaps if Randy addressed the specifics of his lies, and apologized for each lie he told and allowed to be repeated specifically, his apology would be received as earnest and it would solicit compassion from the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Special Operations communities. As it stands, I'm not going to hold my breath for that to happen.

  23. I really appreciate all the comments on this but no matter how I try to say it, it seems as if this is turning into some kind of a contest between Marines and a non-veteran.

    All of your comments on what you went through in combat points out that I do not understand the price paid there and I never will. I've been with veterans all my life but all I know about is what comes afterwards.

    I tried to point out why I have forgiven Randy and that I have a personal connection to a similar situation here in the Orlando area with a different veteran.

    Maybe this will help explain it better.

    Matthew 6:14-15New International Version (NIV)

    14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

    I know I need to be forgiven on a daily basis for some things others would consider part of "normal life" as I need to be forgiven right now for not being able to find the right words to not cause any of you more emotional pain.

    What can I say to lighten the load you carry? What can I do to remove the sting of feeling betrayed? I doubt it is anything that can really come from me but must come from inside of yourself.

  24. There is something that needs to be added to this and that is a reminder about forgiveness.
    Jesus forgave his friends, the ones who knew Him best, for turning their backs on Him. He forgave the hands that nailed Him to the Cross. Is there any betrayal greater than that? Is there anything we can come close to comparing that to?
    I have to go to work now but will read your comments when I come home.

  25. A Marine with IntegrityAugust 25, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Ms. DiCesare,

    I truly appreciate your compassion. I think that what is being pointed out though - at least on my part - is that I don't believe that there is any earnestness in Randys "blanket" apology. I honestly believe that he is more sorry that he has been caught than he is for his Stolen Valor and other lies and fraud.

    I also appreciate your faith which is evident in your grasp of the scriptures. I too am familiar with the scriptures. Here is one that comes to mind for me in this situation:

    "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." ~Matthew 10:16 (NIV)

    I have had two very insightful conversations this morning. The first was with a member of Randy's own family. I quote: "I am hurt, I am disgusted and I am ashamed at randy actions." "i would do anything i could to help you and the fine men and woman who have spent time on this case . I can say that much like others. Myself and my family have been lied to and deceived by this same person. i know a man can not be judged by the actions of others (family or not) and I know that my heart is pure and in the right spot. For I wish no harm on anyone and only wish that randy gets whatever type of help he deserves after whatever justice is needed is served."

    The second is from a gentleman who lives very close to me who is an official at a charity (a REAL 501(c)3 charity) that Randy injected himself into. I quote, "I am sending you a private message in regards to some material you had posted..." "...he (Randy) wanted to come out to our camp to help get us in the "spot light" of light of some his own sponsors." "My point to all this is to first thank you, as we [REDACTED] have disconnected ourselves from Randy and any affiliations with his organization in California." "Randy and his organization are no longer even on Facebook prior to yesterday's posts even so we
    think he may have crawled into his shell."

    Randy has not only hurt the Marine Corps, the Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Scout Sniper communities but, his own family is on the telephone in tears apologizing to lifelong friends for his actions. The works of verified 501(c)3 charities have been impacted by his lies and fraudulent actions to the point that they have had to go into "damage control" mode to distance their organizations from the likes of Marshall Rand Abbott and TheViewFrom42.

    Stolen Valor is NOT a victimless crime. Further, what I have received this morning directly disputes Randy's claims that he has never received any benefit from his lies. Precisely what are these "sponsors" providing if they are not providing tangible if not actual monitory benefit to Randy?

    I myself will continue to be "shrewd as a snake" in the presence of "wolves" like Marshall Rand Abbott.

  26. Kathie,

    I respect your views on Randy and forgiveness. There isn't anyone here "lecturing" you on anything. Actually, I felt compelled by Randy's latest treason (and your insistence that he needs instant forgiveness) to write you on this blog.

    Randy showed no courage by writing anything. He took the easiest way out, by telling you his sob story (rather than make a video confessing, and documenting the amends me makes with his victims). Your story about your father, and Bible quotes, both have nothing to do with the legal process involved with criminal offenses like theft and stolen valor.

    Your guilt trip and statistics about military suicides are so uncalled-for, it almost appears you are attempting to "troll" all of us. You didn't serve in my community. This isn't "a contest between Marines and a non-veteran" as you say, it's simply people who know more than you (from personal experience) who are trying to explain why Randy is still scamming the world.

    You can forgive him all you want; it has nothing to do with the reparations he will make. As far as your below-the-belt demands to know where I was when Marines were killing themselves? Either in the military still, or serving in the security world with fellow veterans. Your guilt attack isn't going to work on me, and I'm not following whatever attempt at logic you are trying to make.

    Mental weakness? Crying? Suicide? "Not training right"? Would you rather these individuals have a breakdown in Afghanistan, so they can hurt themselves, civilians, and teammates as well? Part of the training process is separating the eligible from the failures. It's a hard pill to swallow, but the mentally weak are the ones who end up raping, torturing, or killing innocent people. I'm glad you consoled all of these Marines that you claim were running into your arms, but those individuals aren't meant to be in the military.

    My question is, what is your goal by forgiving the mentally-weak ones? Did you expect them to hop up, exclaim that all they needed was to know that a stranger cares about them and forgives them, and now they're 100% ready to deploy and experience the horrors of warfare?

    Similarly, what do you intend for Randy's future? Now that you've blessed him with Jesus and forgiven him with a blog post, he's just going to stand up (literally, since he is probably lying about needing a wheelchair 24/7) and declare that he's a new man, will never do it again, and all of his sociopath/parasite behavior has been erased from his mind?

  27. Greyman, nice try but attacking me is one thing. The reasons I do what I do are well known but I will not stand for you or anyone else attacking the veterans I wrote about.

    "Mental weakness? Crying? Suicide? "Not training right"? Would you rather these individuals have a breakdown in Afghanistan, so they can hurt themselves, civilians, and teammates as well? Part of the training process is separating the eligible from the failures. It's a hard pill to swallow, but the mentally weak are the ones who end up raping, torturing, or killing innocent people. I'm glad you consoled all of these Marines that you claim were running into your arms, but those individuals aren't meant to be in the military." because this attitude is repulsive and deadly.

    What about veterans like Dakota Meyer trying to kill himself but the gun he put to his head was empty when he pulled the trigger. His Dad removed the bullets after he earned the Medal of Honor.

    What about all the other veterans with a record of duty, honor and service being betrayed because some yahoo lacked the ability to learn basic facts?
    I have run up against attitudes like yours my whole life.

    Veterans like my husband, the reason why I do what I do, must not meet your standards either.

    You are right I didn't serve in "your community" but while that may have made you feel oh so justified you just managed to insult my whole family because aside from my brothers not serving, my Dad and uncles did, my husband did and so did his Dad and uncles. The Marine he is named after was KIA in Sipan.

    Maybe you need to do some research by starting with the Navy SEALS, Green Berets and other Special Forces committing suicide?

    You call them mentally weak because you have no clue what PTSD is, what it does or why it does it and it comes from an abundance of courage, moral strength giving them the ability to care enough to risk their lives for others but can't find it within them to fight for themselves.

    You know what the first thing veterans want to do as soon as they start to heal? They want to help others because they know what torture is going on inside of them because fools fail to learn.

    If they are not "part of your community" either than I am grateful for them since they spend the rest of their lives supporting other veterans instead of standing in judgment over them.

    As for Randy, I will not "un-forgive" him but pretty much you just managed to show that you cannot forgive me for forgiving him. I really feel sorry for you carrying around that much resentment inside of yourself.

  28. Marine with integrity,

    There are 86 posts on this site about Stolen Valor and I have made myself clear on that issue as I have also pointed out that I along with friends went after someone in our area but found no resolution or justice. As far as we know, he is still trying to raise funds. We did what we had to do to have him held accountable but failed.

    There is what we expected from the law because there is a power they have to compensate people who trusted him and lost a lot of money. Then there is what we expected for being betrayed and trusting him. We wanted a public apology but never got it.

    As for Randy, it is up to you to forgive him or not. it is up to the proper authority to investigate what he did or did not do with the funds he says came out of his pocket but others say were collected.

    Then there is the other part of this. As I wrote in an earlier comment, I have forgiven him because I will not let the taste of it ruin my life or rob me of better things to focus on. That is what Jesus was talking about. If we forgive it releases us from the captivity of their deeds.

    Look at all the time spent here on this post. What else could we be doing with our time? What else could I be doing other than defending myself for not being forgiven for forgiving someone else?


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