Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vietnam Veteran Came Home With PTSD, Once Homeless, Helps Others

Brevard veteran's PTSD helps drive him to serve
R. Norman Moody
October 3, 2014

George Taylor feels at home among homeless veterans.

After more than two decades of helping homeless veterans, the 65-year-old often tells his wife, Jan, that he will slow down or that he will do the work just one more year.

"Every year I hear that," she says with a laugh. "I think I'll hear that the last time when he is dying."

Taylor's passion for helping homeless veterans comes from his own struggles. He saw the horrors of war while serving as a paratrooper in Vietnam with the Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade. He came home suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and soon found himself homeless.

After months living in the woods and about 15 years wandering from place to place, with help from his brother, Roger, Taylor sought treatment for PTSD at a VA center in Miami.

He overcame homelessness and soon turned his attention to helping homeless veterans who face the same struggles he once faced.
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