Thursday, December 4, 2014

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene's death "could not have been foreseen"

Military report: No negligence in death of U.S. General in Afghanistan
By Jamie Crawford, CNN National Security Producer
December 4, 2014

Maj. Gen. Harold was killed by a member of the Afghan National Army in August
A report said there was no way the death could have been "foreseen"
The International Security Assistance Force authored the report

Washington (CNN) -- An investigation into the killing of the most senior U.S. military officer since 9/11 found the incident could not have been "foreseen" or "prevented," according to a military report out Thursday.

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who was leading efforts to train soldiers in Afghanistan, was killed by a member of the Afghan National Army on Aug. 5 during a visit to a military training facility in Kabul.

The report was from the International Security Assistance Force, which serves as NATO's command over allied military operations in Afghanistan.

Greene, along with more than 90 other US and Coalition personnel, visited the Marshal Fahim National Defense University to take a look at the construction of a site at the school that would serve officers in the Afghan Army.

According to the report, overall security at the site was provided by Danish forces, but there were protection forces from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany also present. But despite "extensive security planning" for the event, the report said "there was no comprehensive plan that incorporated all participating security elements," as each individual security detachment did their own preparation.

"The threat level that day was assessed as low, with no indicators of unusual activity or concern," the report said.
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