Thursday, January 29, 2015

Veterans Offer Honor Funeral For Homeless Veteran

Homeless veteran receives military funeral 
KWCH 12 News
Scott Evans
Jan 28, 2015

Wichita, Kan. - A military veteran received a military funeral in Wichita today.

For a military veteran's funeral it was a familiar site, flags, motorcycles and other veterans.

What makes the funeral of 74 year old Donald Lee Nibel different is who was there. "Never met him," said Ron Vangas, Past Director, Chapter 136 American Legion Riders.

Vangas was just one of dozens of people who have not only never met Nibel but really knew nothing about him. "He was a veteran, just because he was homeless doesn't mean he was still not a brother.

He served his country like all of us did and we're here to honor him for that," said Vangas. Not knowing Nibel didn't matter. He was a veteran and that was enough to deserve this attention.
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