Sunday, March 8, 2015

Disabled Veteran Attacked by Bite and Run Dog and Jerk Owner

Boyle: Disabled veteran stunned by dog bite, owner's actions 
Citizen Times
John Boyle
March 7, 2015
Because the bites broke the skin and neither the dog nor its owner could be found, Brown had to go through the full rabies shot treatment protocol, which cost $16,703.
If people could just be decent to one another in this world, we'd all be a lot better off.

Just ask Shiloh resident Willie Brown, who got attacked by a large boxer in October just outside of the Pet Supermarket on Tunnel Road. An army veteran who's on service-related disability, Brown had recently had a left knee replacement surgery through the VA hospital when he went to the store to get food for his girlfriend's dog.

"You hear a dog barking at a place like that and you think he's barking at one of the other dogs," said Brown, 53. "But he came up on me as soon as I stepped off the sidewalk. Pushed me down. I'm rolling on the asphalt, and he grabbed my leg and just started shaking it."

It was the same knee he'd had surgery on. The boxer, about 75 pounds and all white except for a brown spot on his head, clamped down and shook with all its might.

The puncture wounds are still visible on Brown's knee.

Now, what gives this "dog bites man" story its twist is the dog owner's behavior. She had her dog on a retractable leash and was talking on a cell phone when the boxer went after Brown.

She acted like she was so sorry.

"The lady told me, 'I'm going to put him in the car and I'll be right back," Brown said.

And he never saw her again.

"That lady told me a straight-out lie," Brown said, sitting at his dining room table. "She walked, no, ran out the store and got in her car. I'm laying there on the asphalt."
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