Friday, March 20, 2015

Head of Charity For Military Families Under Investigation Committed Suicide

Just to give you some perspective here, what I do costs me a lot of time and little bit of money. While I do this and more stuff 7 days a week with at least 40 hours a week, I lose money every year. I had to go back to work for a paycheck at the same time I work from home because this is my passion and my vocation.

I used to be jealous of folks who were able to do the the work and still figured out how to find financial support to do it. How can they spend time that kind of time doing the work they promised to do and then raise such huge funds at the same time? Simple because most of the time they hire firms to do it and they get a huge chunk of the money people donate so even less goes to the purpose of the money donated.

The part that makes me want to toss my cookies on a regular basis is when they feel as if they deserve hundreds of thousands of dollars because they are worth it! Bullshit! Either they are in it to take care of the troops and veterans or they are in it for themselves. I've known too many great people that work harder than even I do and they are happy just breaking even. The cause is what matters to them not getting rich.

Can someone please tell me why anyone would actually deserve a six or seven figure income to get veterans to help each other when that is what they do on their own for free all the time?

Are folks really that nuts they just don't see it or are their hearts tugged to do something so that anything sounds good to them?

Rant over,,,,sorry, but when I read this article, it just made me sick to my stomach!
Maine charity founder who committed suicide faced FBI fraud investigation
Portland Press
March 18, 2015
Marcel Badeau of Gorham-based Operation Tribute is suspected of siphoning off large sums donated to buy holiday gifts for children in military families.
Margo and Marc Badeau, seen working at their Gorham business in 2007, are now identified in court records as the targets of an investigation by multiple federal agencies.
Press Herald file photo/Jack Milton

The founder of a Maine charity that provided holiday gifts to the children of military families was under investigation for fraud when he committed suicide last month.

The investigation focused on whether Marcel “Marc” Badeau, chairman of the Gorham-based nonprofit Operation Tribute, siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars that he told donors would be spent on gifts for children.

Badeau and his wife, Margherita Badeau, are identified in court records unsealed Wednesday as the targets of an investigation by multiple federal agencies that started in July.

The accusations depicting Marcel Badeau as an ex-con scam artist stand in stark contrast to his public image as a selfless man, tirelessly devoting his time to support the children of military service men and women in New England, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Wednesday’s revelation surprised many people who supported Badeau, including Gov. Paul LePage and first lady Ann LePage, who both issued statements after his death Feb. 27.

In honor of the charitable group’s recognition of the sacrifices made by military families, LePage declared December 2012 Operation Tribute Month. The organization was also named Maine’s Outstanding Non-profit in 2011.

The court filings indicate the Badeaus used donated money for personal needs, including more than $230,000 in cash, $138,000 in mortgage payments, more than $25,000 for personal cars, nearly $24,000 for one of their children’s college tuition, and more than $7,000 at New Hampshire state liquor stores.
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