Sunday, June 14, 2015

Veteran Fights Against Fort Campbell Malpractice

Campbell County Veteran Fights Military Malpractice 
WSET ABC News 13
By Mona Abdi
Posted: Jun 12, 2015
An MRI scan taken at a hospital in Fort Campbell a week before he left the military showed ... Hall could've been diagnosed then --- but was left untreated for 5 years. "They said it was my fault because I should of checked" said Hall.
Campbell County, VA - A Campbell County veteran who fought for America is fighting a new battle here at home. For Nelson Hall the conflict is both personal and painful.

"They teach you don't be a sick hall warrior, don't complain about injuries deal with it" said Nelson Hall.

After 5 years in the Army and 3 tours overseas, Hall is no stranger to battle. "I was air assault, so I jumped out of helicopters and stuff" said Hall.

But his toughest fight began after he was medically discharged in 2008. Hall qualified for retirement because of the insurmountable medical problems he suffered from towards the end of his service.

"I noticed memory loss, I was always at the TMC sick, broke out in hives" said Hall. But worst of all, Hall says, were the headaches. "Sometimes it's like an electrical shock going down the back of my head down my neck."

The pain continued well after he left the Army. "Finally one of my VA doctors asked for another MRI and that's when they found out it came out abnormal" said Hall.
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