Saturday, January 23, 2016

Palin Didn't Care About PTSD Until It Happened To Her Son

Truth, most veterans with PTSD, or anyone else for that matter, are more of a danger to themselves than anyone else. Suicides are a lot higher than criminal cases. But with that said, the other truth is anyone can end up suffering with PTSD after any traumatic event. Most of the time you never know someone has it unless you care to learn about them and their life. When you do take the time, you discover that had you gone through the same thing, you'd be changed too.

Maybe you wouldn't end up with PTSD, but during the days and weeks after a traumatic event, that changes you from that point on.

If you are like me you're probably wondering why we are still having the same discussion on how there is still such a strong stigma on PTSD. After all, 4 decades, billions of dollars on awareness and prevention, and folks still don't have the basic idea of what PTSD actually is. Just sad all the way around.
Sarah Palin, This Is What PTSD Is Really Like
New York Times
JAN. 22, 2016
AS a veteran, I want politicians and public figures to try and understand what military deployment is like, and to relate to my experiences. But I’m not sure I want Sarah Palin weighing in.
That process begins by speaking frankly. Facing up to destructive or abusive behavior comes next, along with the assertion that we are responsible for our actions, no matter what burdens we carry. Post-traumatic stress is no excuse for violence or abuse, nor should it be considered a default association.
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Palin wants to blame Obama because her son was arrested on domestic violence charges and has PTSD. Palin needs to see what others saw long ago looking at her because when she had the chance to help veterans in Alaska she didn't.
Veterans For America, a veterans advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., released a report on the Alaska Army National Guard Oct. 15 that stated the Guard does not adequately care for soldiers who return from deployment. The report accuses Gov. Sarah Palin of not taking action to address this issue.
Did I mention that report came out before Obama was even elected? It came out in 2008. Guess she wasn't interested in what was happening to the troops, National Guardsmen in Alaska or any other veteran until it happened to her own son.

That is something veterans remember. Older veterans remember how many decades they have waited while politicians make speeches using them to get votes.

'Nightly Show' To Sarah Palin: 'Please Leave Us The F**k Alone' (VIDEO)
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