Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wounded Times Disabled Veterans Report

There is no better day than Groundhog Day to kick off a new site for veterans. After all, the problems veterans and families have been forced to endure go back decades. History keeps getting repeated by politicians providing paltry results after lofty speeches.

This all came about after yet another conversation when someone asked "Why isn't all this out there?" after nearly making his head explode by news he never heard before. I told him it was but he was just looking in the wrong places.

Now I'm pointing the way that is easier to find. Wounded Times Disabled Veterans Report is live.

Laskarina Bouboulina (Greek: Λασκαρίνα Μπουμπουλίνα, pronounced [laskaˈrina bubuˈlina]), 11 May 1771 – 22 May 1825) was a Greek naval commander, heroine of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, and an Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy.

Wounded Times is not changing! After over 25,000 posts and more than 2.5 million hits, it was time to expand to provide disabled veterans with the news and information you should have about what is going on all over the country.

Every month you'll see links to all the reports from Wounded Times that are about you! No politics, no hype, no nonsense about raising awareness and no ads.

You will get facts! Real information on combat related PTSD and yes, sadly, suicides. The only awareness you really need raised is that you are not stuck suffering the way you are, why you have it, what you can do to heal and what your families need to know to help you do it!

After over 30 years researching and living with PTSD and my Vietnam veteran husband, I can assure you that none of this has to be the way it is!

The truth is we're obligated to help each other the same way it was done when you were in the military. No one fights those battles alone and no one should have to fight to have wounds taken care of alone either.

History has proven this has all gone on for generations. You'd think that since Congress has had since 1946 to make sure veterans received what they needed they would have fixed it all long ago, but we just heard more promises when they wanted votes and to pick our pockets.

This is what they control, write bills for and are supposed to be making sure works properly for veterans.
Legislation Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Veterans' measures generally.
Pensions of all the wars of the U.S., general and special.
Life insurance issued by the government on account of service in the Armed Forces.
Compensation, vocational rehabilitation, and education of veterans.
Veterans' hospitals, medical care, and treatment of veterans.
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief.
Readjustment of servicemen to civilian life.
National Cemeteries.
Yet you'll never hear them explain why they haven't done it or even apologize for not living up to their end of the deal. 

I work a full time job and then do this as much as I can because when it comes to veterans, this is my vocation and you are not a project but my passion. In other words, I do this work for free!

Starting as soon as I can, I'll put up the links from January to make it all easier for you to actually figure out what is going on across the country.  As this is an election year, one thing to keep in mind is, we can elect anyone but the truth is, nothing will change unless the folks we put in charge are held accountable.  We can't do that unless you know the truth about what they didn't do.

It is almost as if they decided it was time to act more like pirates than patriots.

You can also find videos I filmed and created on my YouTube page.

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