Wednesday, May 11, 2016

McCain Fights for His Job After Not Bothering To Do It?

John McCain is fighting for his job and seems to blame the GOP instead of himself? Veterans get how bad he has been on taking care of them and military gets how he has not taken care of the troops as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. We've seen him walk out of hearings, thanks to coverage from CSPAN, as many times as we've seen him turn his back on seeking justice for the deplorable attempts to prevent suicides.  

How is it that members of the House and Senate forget the positions they hold on all of the committees put them in control over those departments? McCain forgets a lot but veterans and families remember all the decades of suffering while politicians like him take no responsibility for what they failed to do.  Now he wants to blame anyone but himself so he won't have to face the fact he didn't do his job?
The GOP changed around John McCain -- and now he's fighting to get re-elected CNN
CNN Digital Expansion DC Manu RajuAlex Lee
Story by Manu Raju and video by Alex Lee
May 10, 2016

McCain isn't trying to be president any more. He's just trying to keep his job in the Senate.
Story highlights
McCain is running for reelection and it'd be his 5th term
The party has changed a lot in 30 years
Phoenix (CNN)Sen. John McCain is under siege: Navigating the cross-currents of Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, facing a challenger pushed by the Democratic establishment and being a Washington veteran of more than three decades in a year dominated by outsiders.

But he seems to be reveling in it all.

After being peppered last week with Trump questions at a news conference in Phoenix, McCain said it was time to wrap up: "Surely, there's one more question about Trump?" At an event with freshmen GOP senators, McCain rattled off one-by-one the long list of Arizona politicians who failed to become president - everyone from Republican Barry Goldwater to Democrat Mo Udall and including himself. "Arizona may be the only state in America where mothers don't tell their children that someday they could be president of the United States."
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