Friday, February 10, 2017

POTUS Can Save Lives As Commander-in-Chief

There is something that POTUS Trump can actually do with a stoke of his pen.
U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he arrives on Air Force One at the Palm Beach International Airport for a visit to his Mar-a-Lago Resort for the weekend on Feb. 3, in Palm Beach, Florida.
As Commander-in-Chief, he has the authority to order a full review of the Department of Defense's "Resilience Training" that has cost billions of dollars in the last decade and has produced more suicides among current military members as well as OEF and OIF veterans. He can actually do something to fix something that should have been done a long time ago.

Here is the latest Quarterly Suicide report for up to October of 2016.  You can see the full chart on the last page of the report. I simply wanted to show what the numbers were back in 2012, which had the highest on record, compared to what is going on this year with thousands of less servicemembers. 

POTUS said that he wants to increase the size of the military, but that has to be funded by Congress. Thousand of troops are needed for Afghanistan, 

“We have a shortfall of a few thousand,” Gen. John W. Nicholson said in a sober assessment of America’s longest war to the Senate Armed Services Committee .
The international force that is helping the Afghans currently has 13,300 troops, 8,400 of whom are American.
More troops, more equipment and more money, so that has to come from Congress. Unfortunately, everything that requires writing a check comes from Congress but in the case of stopping something the military is doing, will not only save money, it will save lives!

I have been undoing what this FUBAR training has been doing to the troops and our veterans. If the numbers do not prove it failed, then simply think of the latest abuse of excuses the DOD has been claiming. 

"We found the highest rates of suicide attempts were among never-deployed soldiers and those in their first years of service," Ursano's team wrote in their report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association's JAMA Psychiatry.
And that is the worst part of all. All of them had the "resilience training" but it wasn't even good enough to prevent them from committing suicide. How the hell did they expect it to work on those with combat deployments or a multitude of them?  

The were told to suck it up and not admit they needed help for PTSD! They thought it was their fault. Gee, where did I read that before? Oh, I remember. Back in 2009 WHEN I PREDICTED IT WOULD EXACTLY WHAT IT DID DO!
He can also stop signing Bills on suicides by members of Congress until they stop repeating the same ones that already failed going back to 2007!


  1. Great article. If everyone would forward it to their congressman, better yet, copy and paste it to a word document and mail it to your representatives, maybe someone will get the word. It only costs a stamp.

    1. Thank you Dana. It is just too easy for them to make a snap decision and come up with a Bill that sounds good to them. It is a lot harder to make sure they actually come up with something that will work. Pretty much the same story on all of this "awareness" going on. Really easy to talk about a news headline but a lot harder to change the conversation.


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